Playroom organization with 3 Sprouts bins in different animal prints in bright colored patterns to hold toys. #organized
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The One Secret Everyone Should Steal From These Playroom Ideas

Want to know the one secret professional use when organizing toys? These playroom ideas will help guide you to creating an organized playroom for your home!

Playrooms might be one of my all time favorite spaces to organize. I absolutely love creating a space where the kids can go to play, while looking adorable and super functional for the kids to use. With some many playroom ideas out there, how do you know which one will work for your space??

Well, you could go down the endless rabbit hole of searching online, only to be discouraged because you can’t find a way to make your playroom look like the one in the picture. OR you could use this one secret that will help you create a playroom you will love!

Playroom organization with 3 Sprouts bins in different animal prints in bright colored patterns to hold toys. #organized

The One Secret Everyone Should Steal From These Playroom Ideas

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Cube organization of toys in playroom with bottom two drawers open displaying Nerf guns and action figures inside the cube organizers #playroom

Start With The Basics

Before I get into the secret you need to use in your playroom, I wanted to preface by saying there is some legwork that you need to do first. And that is to declutter. And not just dumping everything into bins so the room looks “clean”, but really getting rid of toys that you don’t need anymore. You really need to be ruthless and get rid of a lot of toys. If you can’t find a missing part/piece, then get rid of that item. Kids don’t play with it? Donate! Unsure… store in a bag or bin in a secret location the kids can’t access. If, after a month or two, they aren’t asking for that particular toy, you know you can donate. If they do, grab it and know that they actually use that toy!

Start by rounding up all the toys. Plan to only keep like 8-10 categories of toys. Art is a toy category, action figures is a toy category. Cars/trucks is a toy category. Dolls is a toy category.

Make your list of the categories you want. Then make piles of only those toys. The rest should be tossed into a bag to be donated.

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Chair with pillow next to end table with plant and toy chest with whale to hold dress-up clothing in playroom #playspace

Less Is Best

When it comes to toys, always keep less. If one new toy comes in, then 2 toys should go out if your kids are over the age of 3. Kids don’t need massive amounts of toys because it does actually harm them in the long run.

With too many toys, children aren’t able to motor plan because they get overwhelmed. Motor planning is like creating, executing, and carrying out a skill most likely through play. You know when your kid is playing grocery store and they set up the store, create the rules for how to play, and actually play grocery store?!?! That is considered motor planning. When your kids have too many toys, they aren’t able to execute their plan because they aren’t able to grab the toys they need because there are too many to choose from.

So keep the toy situation simple. And if your parents or in-laws don’t believe you, send them these articles about why less is best! And share with them ideas for other types of gifts to give that are listed here!!

Playroom with cube organizers and wall decors in playroom #organized

Photo via The Container Store

Playroom Ideas

You have decluttered the toys by keeping them in separate categories. You understand why it is important for less toys. Now, you need to take a peek at some playroom ideas to get you inspired! I am a huge fan of the cube storage for kids because they are easy to maintain. Cube storage bins aren’t hard so if little ones dump them over, you don’t need to worry about a hard box knocking into them. And, they collapse so you don’t have to worry about kids stacking them up to climb…because my kids always did that!!

The 4-cube cubbies are perfect either side-by-side or individual.

Fill with the 3 Sprouts bins into all 4 cubes, or leave the top cubes open for books and larger toys.

Use the canvas toy storage bin for things like stuffed animals, sports equipment, dolls, or other large items.

The toy storage box with handles makes the best dress-up bin! Because it isn’t that big, you will only be able to keep their favorite dress-up items so you aren’t holding onto too many!

My Favorite Products:

racoon canvas bin holding stuffed animals in playroom #3sprouts

Photo via The Container Store

And The Secret Is…

When it comes to setting up any playroom, no matter how many playroom ideas you may have, it all comes down to this… make it completely accessible for the kids! Seriously that is the big secret all professional organizers, teachers, and childcare pros know!!

Once you get the entire space accessible for the kids, then comes the fun part in adding the decor. Not the other way around!

So set up the playroom so the kids can get their toys and clean up easily. This usually involves keeping the toys at their level, which is why I love cube cubbies. They are the perfect height for kids to grab their toy bin and go play!

Add the decor through decorative bins, floating shelves, and pictures! My biggest suggestion when adding decor is to do it slowly. This way you only buy why you love instead of just buying a bunch of things and hating them in a few months. Have an idea of what you want the walls to look like and add once you find your favorites!

playroom with The Container Store cubes and 3 Sprouts bins holding different categories of toys #organized

Easy Decor Playroom Ideas:

Still looking for effective ways to design the playroom for your kids? Check out my playroom design plans. In these plans, you will get everything you need to set up a playroom with three different room layouts. For each of the three room layouts, you will get product recommendations for each, including my favorite ways to decorate the walls using the products listed in this post! A step-by-step guide for setting up each of the three layouts is included as well as my tricks for organizing all the toys (and easy ways to declutter). I also have my custom labels in both hand-lettered, caps, and picture labels!

journal next to pink tulips and phone with playroom plans design plans open #designplans #organized

playroom ideas overlay over playroom with cubes and animals on each cube and large canvas bin with stuffed animals inside #playroom

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