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After You Declutter, What Do You Do With The Leftover Stuff?

What to do after you declutter your home and you are left with unwanted items? Practical tips for parting with these items are covered in this article.

You have decluttered every nook and cranny in your home. But you still have massive piles of stuff left over.

So what do you do with those items? Should you throw them away? Spend your time selling them? Pawn them off to friends and family?

I am breaking down my tips for what you can do with your leftover stuff after a massive declutter.

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This one is something I talk about all the time. Find a local donation center by doing a quick Google search for “local donation centers near me”. Go to the donation center’s website to find out what items they are accepting. I like to make a list of those items so I know what I can and cannot bring. Then I drop the items they accept off, or schedule for a pick-up.

I have a full list of donation locations here, along with a video for donating or selling your clutter below!


Sometimes you may have something that someone else needs. And that item may be in your pile of stuff you don’t want in your house.

So sharing with friends and family your unwanted items is not only more environmentally friendly, but also sharing your wealth!

Whenever I share my unwanted items with friends or family, I lay everything out so they can easily see what I have. I never take offense if they do not want any of my stuff. I am simply offering it. 

When I did my storage room clean out, I was left with baskets and bins that we no longer used. My sister-in-law stopped by so I asked her if she had any use for the baskets. She took them all for her classroom! It was a great way to get rid of extra stuff we no longer used, but someone else could!

Transform It

Sometimes there are things you find lying around that can be repurposed or used in a DIY project. 

I found an old lamp that I spray painted and added a new lamp shade in our basement storage area. We needed a lamp in the living room, so this was a great way to transform the old lamp into something new. Spray paint is my favorite thing because it is an easy fix.

You can also repurpose an item into something new that you might have thought to purchase. This is a great way to stop spending and reuse what you already have. 

Make a plan for how you are going to repurpose or DIY with that item. Then take action within a few weeks of saving that item. If you don’t take action, that item will continue to sit in your home and be considered clutter. So do something with it!


Keep It Safe

If you have items that need to be disposed of, make sure to do that properly. 

Paints are one thing that cannot be thrown into a garbage can. There are local places that will collect old paint and dispose of it properly. 

Also things like cleaning supplies and other chemicals should be disposed of safely.


Some items can totally be sold online. I have found clothing and basic home decor items are perfect for selling on local markets like Facebook, Craigs List, or Next Door. 

Other things may need to be consigned. When you consign an item, you are bringing it to a location that will try to sell that particular item. If sold, they will take a cut of the profits. I have found that this works best for larger furniture items and clothing. 

Find a local consignment store by doing a Google search for “consignment store near me”. Find out what items they accept and their process for payment. There are some clothing consignment stores that buy the clothing up front, while others will try to sell and take a cut of the profit for that item. 

Read all the information to make sure you understand their process before you start consigning with them.


Another option is to find places that will allow you to do a swap in exchange for a discount. There are auction sites that allow you to earn credits for your stuff to use to buy other things. 

Let’s say you want to get rid of some kitchen gadgets like a toaster and cooking items. You can “swap” those items on a site for credits. Then you can use those credits to purchase something else you may need. This site has a great list of swap sites. Just make sure you read the fine print before swapping.

Unwanted Stuff

If none of these options work for you, then you might have to throw away your stuff. It is a hard thing to do, which is why looking at all other options are important.

Use this as a reminder to be thoughtful about what you buy and bring into your home. 

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5 thoughts on “After You Declutter, What Do You Do With The Leftover Stuff?”

  1. Good reminder that what you bring into your home, you may one day need to evict from your home. We all want to try to avoid throwing items away, but sometimes it’s necessary… if the chaos and clutter is so overwhelming that you don’t know what to do, sometimes drastic steps need to be taken.

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