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6 Brilliant Organizing Ideas For Your Bathroom

These brilliant organizing ideas for bathrooms are sure to inspire you to start organizing your bathroom. Use tips that work in your space.

We just moved into our new house. Which means our old organizing systems didn’t totally work in the new space. Our old bathroom was tiny. So we had a lot of things piled under the bathroom sink. Our new house has tons of cabinet space. So things can get spread out.

But that means that things can get disorganized rather quickly. So I needed a plan to tackle all the bathroom organizing projects. And I am sharing 6 brilliant organizing ideas for your bathroom. I suggest finding one or two ideas that would work in your bathroom, as every bathroom is different. These bathroom ideas are what I have used in our primary bathroom and the kids’ bathrooms so I know they work!

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Bathroom Drawer Organizers

I love bathroom drawer organizers. They are those containers you put inside your drawers to keep things tidy. But they do slide around if you don’t fill the drawer with the organizers. So I use Duck Brand Easy Liner solid grip to keep everything in place.

Cut the Easy Liner to the size of the drawers. Then add the containers that fit your things. Nothing will slide around because the solid grip holds everything in place!

Organizing A Bathroom Closet

Bathroom closets can turn into a dumping ground. And maybe ours did. Until I took action and took everything out to throw away…ok just kidding. But I did take everything out. And line our wire shelves using Easy Liner.

By lining the shelves with Easy Liner, I made sure nothing would fall through the cracks of the wire shelving. Then I put everything back that was necessary for our bathroom in the closet. The rest of the stuff went where it would be used, like the kids’ bathroom or our linen closet in the hallway.

Bathroom Organizer With Drawers

Some bathrooms don’t have all the drawers. Our old bathroom didn’t. So we had to get products that were drawers to give up the storage of a drawer.

Organizer For Bathroom Counter

One thing I noticed is that we now have way more space on our bathroom counter. So we needed a plan for what to do with the stuff we wanted to keep on the counter. Because we have stuff that makes more sense to stay on the counter than in a drawer or cabinet.

So I used a tray to keep everything contained. All the items we want to keep on the counter must fit in the tray. Now our counters are tidy.

Pull-Out Drawer Organizers

Our new bathroom has pull-out drawers in the cabinets. And while these may be nice, they are kind of tricky for bathroom products. They don’t have tall sides so you want to be careful what you put on them, otherwise you can pull out the drawer and everything can go flying.

So line the pull-out drawer with Easy Liner solid grip. This will help keep things in place. Then add organizers to group like items together. Or store your extra or overstock items.

Under Bathroom Sink Organizer

Under bathroom sinks need liner…before you even start with anything going in them. Because if something leaks, you want to protect the cabinet. I love the Duck Brand Easy Liner Clorox Solid Grip. It is anti-microbial, which helps keep under the bathroom sink from getting gross!

Organizing Ideas For Bathroom

I have to say that getting our bathrooms organized feels so nice. I don’t have to worry about finding something for someone before bed. Everything has a spot. And I can see if we need refills. Because that may have been the problem before we organized the bathrooms…not having toothpaste before bed kind of sucks.

So look around your bathroom. And decide on which of these organizing ideas for bathrooms will work in your space. Make sure to line the shelves and under sink with Duck Brand Easy Liner. I love the solid grip, and the Clorox liner is amazing for bathrooms!

Duck Brand Easy Liner in drawer with drawer organizers

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