under sink expandable shelves with turntable and drawer organizers to keep things tidy
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How To Reorganize Your Entire Bathroom

Reorganize your bathroom with these easy steps.

Sometimes you just need a massive reorganization in order to get your bathroom cabinets, drawers, and vanities in order. So I am breaking down all the steps I take when reorganizing an entire bathroom so I can stay focused and get the job done quickly. These steps are the same steps that other professional organizers use when they reorganize bathrooms for clients.

Step One To Reorganize Bathroom

The first step for any declutter project is to have your declutter caddy ready to go. Check to make sure you have all the items you need to stay focused while decluttering and organizing.

If you don’t have a declutter caddy already made, then learn how to create one: Declutter Caddy: What It Is And Why You Need One.

A declutter caddy is a caddy that holds all the items you need while decluttering. I recommend this for anyone who finds themselves getting distracted while decluttering. You know, when you start decluttering your things and find something that doesn’t belong. So you go to put it back only to decide you need to clean out the area where that new things belongs. And you create a giant mess.

The declutter caddy is the thing you need to keep you focused so you aren’t searching for things while you are working.

under sink expandable shelves with turntable and drawer organizers to keep things tidy

Step Two

With your declutter caddy in hand, go into the bathroom you are planning on reorganizing. And remove everything from the drawers, cabinet, and vanities.

Now if this is too overwhelming, then go drawer by drawer and cabinet by cabinet. When doing this, make sure you use Post-It notes to label each cabinet and drawer with what items are inside. This will help you focus on grouping like items together as you declutter your bathroom.

I have a complete guide with step-by-step tutorials you can get for free below.

Step Three

When the cabinet or drawer is empty, make sure you clean it before you add anything else inside. There is nothing worse than creating an organized space with dirty cabinets and drawers.

lining under bathroom sink with clorox easy liner

Step Four To Reorganize Bathroom

And speaking of cleaning, I also like adding drawer liner to the drawers and cabinets. The liner helps keep the drawers in perfect condition, prevent messes, and holds drawer organizers in place without any messy gel or sticky goo on the bottoms.

I have tons of lining tutorials to help you below:

Why You Should Use Shelf Liners Under Your Bathroom Sink

The Easiest Way To Install Drawer Liner

Cut Straight Lines On Drawer Liners With 3 Hacks

Step Five

Now it is time to sort your stuff into piles. I like doing this based on how I use the products or grouping like items together.

Let’s say you have a lot of hair products. So you group all of the hair products together. But you may want to separate the products based on how you use them so they are easier to grab when you need.

Or you don’t have a lot of make-up, so you can group the make-up with your face products.

When grouping items together, you want to make sure that they work for you. I have an entire blog post on how to group like with like for every area of the house.

kids bathroom vanity drawer organizer with hairbrushes and wash rags

Step Six

As you are grouping the items together, make sure you decide what you want to keep. What items you can throw away. And if there are any items you can donate. Typically we don’t see a lot of items we can sell in the bathroom. But if you find that you have some and want to invest your time in selling, then go for it!

In your declutter caddy, you should keep bags for trash and donate to keep you focused while you are sorting your things.

bathroom organization with turntables

Step Seven To Reorganize Bathroom

Once all the items are grouped together, it is time to put things away. I like putting things away first. Then deciding if I need organizers or products to keep the items organized.

As I am putting items away in my drawer, I will place what I want stored in the drawer first. I will then put away other categories of items into cabinets or drawers. Once everything is put away, I will open every drawer or cabinet to see if I can keep these items organized in this way.

If I answer no, then I will find a product to help keep the bathroom items tidy. These typically are things like drawer organizers, turntables/lazy Susans, and under sink organizers.

If I answer yes, then there is no need for any products. It is a great way to assess what you need to purchase after you have already completed your organizing project.

turntable with bathroom supplies include hair sprays and hair dryer #bathroomorganization

Step Eight

The last step is about keeping everything tidy. You spent all this time reorganizing your bathroom, so now it is time to create a plan for keeping it this way.

One thing I like to do while decluttering, is to ask myself how will I keep this tidy. I usually put things back where they belong after I use them. Which is one way to keep your bathroom organized.

Another way to keep your bathroom organized is to do an end of night sweep of your space. Put away anything that was left out before you go to bed. This will help you keep things tidy without spending extra time doing another reorganizing project a few weeks after this one!

stackable pantry bins with hair products to organize under bathroom sink

How To Reorganize Bathroom Cabinets, Drawers, and Vanities

When reorganizing your bathroom, make sure you have your declutter caddy on hand to keep you focused. Remove everything from the cabinets, drawers, and vanities. Then group like items together. Remove unwanted items. Put those items back where it makes sense. Only get products if you feel they will help you keep things organized. And put things away to keep your bathroom tidy.

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