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How To Make Acrylic Dry Erase Board DIY

I am walking you through how to create an acrylic dry erase board DIY by using plexiglass you can find at your local hardware store.

I am such a visual person. I need all my things to be out in the open for me to accomplish them. So when I was setting up my office, I knew I needed visual boards for me to keep track of projects and write down my notes. We ended up doing a DIY to create acrylic dry erase boards. These dry erase boards can act as a project planner, or as a calendar, or a space to write down notes. I am going to share how you can make an acrylic dry erase board DIY style!

Find A Size That Works

When you are creating your acrylic dry erase board, start with the size. Do you want your board to cover the entire wall. Maybe you want it to hang in your kitchen so you need it smaller. Wherever you decide to hang it, make sure you measure first.

Then go to your local hardware store to find plexiglass. I got my plexiglass 1/4″ thickness. I wanted to make sure it would hold up with me writing on the board.

Get Supplies

In addition to the plexiglass, you will also need a plexiglass drill bit to drill into the corners of the plexiglass. And you will need display screws to use to hold the acrylic dry erase board to the wall.

I have all my plans and supply list here.

Create Your Acrylic Dry Erase Board

After you get the supplies, drill holes into each of the corners of the board. We used a piece of wood to put the plexiglass on while drilling. And we left the plastic coating on the acrylic board while drilling.


Hang Your DIY Board

Once you drilled all four corners, you can hang your board. 

To hang, I held the board in place while my husband marked each of the four corners where we drilled. Then we screwed in the wall anchors and mounting pieces of the display screws. 

Once all four mounting pieces were installed, we screwed the acrylic dry erase board into the wall!

How To Use Your Acrylic Dry Erase Board

There are many ways you can use your acrylic dry erase board. I have a few tutorials for you below. I use mine as a project board. I have also helped clients create calendars. And use the acrylic boards for writing memos.

How to Use a Project Board

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