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How to Use a Project Board

A project board is a great way to display all your projects. I'm talking about what they are, why you may need one, how to make them, and how to use them.

Today I’m talking all about project boards: what they are, why you may need one, how to make them, and how to use them. If you’re interested in other examples of project boards, check out this post.

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How to Use a Project Board

  • What is a project board?

A project board is a place for you to display all your projects in a systematic way. Way back, I used tagboard and post-it notes. Now I use an acrylic board and post-it notes. The point is to give you a visual idea of what you’re working on and your workflows from start to finish.

  • Why do I need one?

Yes, there are online boards like Asana and Trello, but personally I need a physical project board to see the big picture. I need to see it every day and know what’s in the works at a glance. You can use one to break down any large scale project whether it has multiple steps or areas that need your attention.

For example, you could use it for a home renovation to give each room its own section of the board. For a decorating project, you can create columns for items to purchase, to buy, to return, or whatever else you need. It helps you visualize and systematize your project or projects.

  • How do I make one?

To create my project boards, we went to our local hardware store and got plexiglass cut to size. Most places like Lowes, Home Depot, and Ace Hardware will do at least two cuts for free. So figure out what size you want ahead of time and have them cut it to size while you’re there.

You’ll also need a plexiglass drill bit to drill into each corner. and display screws, which attaches on both sides to hold the plexiglass up. It’s definitely a two-person job. We held the plexiglass in place, put pencil marks where we wanted it to go, and finally screwed it in place.

Finally, we put vinyl stickers on to separate and label each column. You could also use dry erase markers to write directly on the board. The great thing about plexiglass is that you can use your project board in more ways than just as a project board.

  • How do I set up my project board?

When setting it up, I recommend thinking about your process. Start by thinking about projects you need to organize, and then consider the steps. Put those at the top of each column.

When I first started as a professional organizer, it was potential clients, clients to schedule, scheduled clients (this is when I added the date to the post-it note), and follow up.

Now I have two detailed boards. It includes videos to create, videos to edit, blog posts to write, and blog posts to edit. I still have a column for clients, but I also have project management software where I move clients through processes. I also include events I’m speaking at or hosting, website work, marketing, projects coming up, tech, and courses I’m working on. Your project or workload doesn’t need to be complicated for this to be beneficial though.

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