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Best Way To Label School Supplies

Get ready for back to school with this easy tutorial on the best way to label school supplies and how to label supplies for multiple kiddos!

I always love back to school season. Maybe it is all the fresh school supplies lining the store shelves. Or knowing we are going to be falling back into a routine that feels like a cozy sweater. Maybe it is the bouquets of sharpened pencils! Whatever the reason, it always makes me smile.

I think I love it so much because when I was teaching, it always felt like a fresh start. I would set goals for myself. And I would get to try new things. I have found that I continue to do that now. Even though I am not teaching anymore. 

So let’s use this new school year to do something we have wanted to do. Let’s get ourselves organized. And the best way to do that is to label school supplies using the best labels…Name Bubbles!

So how do you go about labeling all the school supplies? I am breaking down my tips on what labels to use, how to label everything in an organized manner, and best ways to teach your kids how to keep their supplies organized.

backpacks, lunch boxes, and water bottles with labels from Name Bubbles

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What Labels To Use

My all-time favorite labels to use are from the company Name Bubbles. I found Name Bubbles a few years ago. And after using their labels, I fell in love. The labels are super durable and easy to apply. (If you want to see how much I love them, you can read this post from 2017 where I shared how to organized art supplies using Name Bubbles write-on labels)

The labels come in a variety of prints, patterns, and colors. Plus you can find labels that work with any of your school supplies. Need to label a shirt? They have iron-on labels. Want to label the water bottle and lunch box? They have waterproof labels. Need labels that you can write on? They have those too!

Whatever you need, Name Bubbles has you covered.

close up of red backpack with blue label on lunch box and water bottle

How To Label School Supplies

The easiest way to label school supplies, especially when you have multiple kiddos at home, is to collect all the supplies first. Place the labels for each kiddo in a different area. That area can be a countertop, table, or floor. That area is their zone. Divide the school supplies into each zone.

Once all the school supplies are in that zone, it is time to label the things.

I have found that color-coding the kids’ labels is helpful as well. My daughter is always pink. And my son is always blue. This helps me keep their things organized simply by looking at the color of the label, rather than what the item actually is!

close up of pink label on lunch box and water bottle

Teaching Kids How To Keep Supplies Organized

I feel that one of the hardest things to do is teaching your kids how to keep things organized. So I created a system that has helped us stay tidy with our school supplies. After we label all the school supplies, I have my kids pack their backpacks without my help. I will sit with them, but they have to pack it up. This way, they know what goes where. If they decide to keep their pencil box in the front of their backpack, then they were the one who placed it there. I take all responsibility off of myself and hand it over to the kids. We have been doing this since they were in preschool. They had to pack their bags. I also use a checklist so they can make sure they include all the things they need inside their backpack. You can get my free checklist below.


Now it is your turn to get the kids organized and ready for back to school. Start by ordering Name Bubbles labels. Then collect all the supplies and label everything by using the zone system. Don’t forget to allow your kids to pack up their own backpacks to help teach them how to stay organized this school year!

labels next to lunch box

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