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15 Bathroom Organization Hacks

Anyone else feeling like you want to organize all the things because of the new year?? I get this way a few times a year… new year time, around spring, and right before school starts! So I am embracing the urge to purge by doing an Instagram challenge! Each week myself and five other professional…

Anyone else feeling like you want to organize all the things because of the new year?? I get this way a few times a year… new year time, around spring, and right before school starts! So I am embracing the urge to purge by doing an Instagram challenge! Each week myself and five other professional organizers, are tackling one room in the house. We’ll be giving you tips for ways to organize and provide tons of inspiration!

This week we are focusing on bathrooms and linen closets. Because there are so many ways to get those spaces organized, I am sharing some of my favorite bathroom organization hacks!!

Bathroom organization hacks from a professional organizer can help anyone tidy up their bathrooms, as these tips have been tested and work! #bathroom #organize #lifehack

15 Bathroom Organization Hacks

Door Storage

The back of the bathroom door makes for great storage in small bathrooms! Attach hooks or bars to hold towels if you are limited on wall space.

using tray to organize bathroom


I love using trays on top of the counters. It is a rather easy fix to keep your counters looking tidy, while still keeping all the necessities out!

Figure out what products you need out and which can be stored in a drawer. Then find a tray that fits both the space and size of the products you need out. This way you are only buying something that is the perfect size for your space!

bathroom organization with turntables

Use Turntables

I have used turntables, or Lazy Susan, to hold hair products such as blow dryers and flat irons, to holding bathroom supplies such as hair sprays. Since they come in a wide variety of sizes you can find the perfect fit for your space and your stuff!

Drawer Organizers

Whenever it comes to organizing drawers, I always recommend using drawer organizers. But, before you rush out to by a bunch, you have to assess what stuff you need to put in the organizers. Are you storing make-up or toiletries? Make sure you get the right sizes for your stuff.

Then you have to plan out how those organizers are going to fit into the space… think of it like a game of Tetris. Once that is put into place, fill with only the essentials!! All those samples that have been sitting in your drawer, maybe it is time to throw them away. If you haven’t used it within the last 2 months (minus sunscreen) then you should just get rid of it.

Stackable Bins

Sometimes the easiest way to organize is with smaller bins. Try using stackable bins to keep your stuff organized either out on the counter or under the sink!

Bath Toy Storage

Keeping the tub clean can be tricky, but using some toy storage ideas might make it easier! I love using the space across the tub to store toys. It helps allow all the toys to dry and kids can find stuff easily.

Utilize Shelves

Have too much stuff but not enough counter space? I suggest hanging shelves to hold things like q-tips and Kleenex. The more you can remove from the counter the better!

Medicine Cabinets

Medicine cabinets shouldn’t hold medicine. It’s actually really bad for meds to be stored in an area with such humidity from the shower!

So try storing other toiletries in the medicine cabinet instead. Use cups to hold nail clippers, and nail polish. Try storing all the extra supplies in the medicine cabinet.

Shower Storage

All that shampoo and body wash can take over floor space. Try hanging bottles from the shower bar using clips. Or hang something over the shower head for storage!

hair tie holder

Hair Ties

Store unused hair ties in a plastic cup. Or store them on a ring holder!

Magnetic Storage

Attach a piece of magnet tape to the inside of the medicine cabinet or drawer to hold clips. You’ll never lose them again!

Functional Vanities

Don’t forget to utilize the doors on your vanity! Hang hooks to hold bags of flossers. Or attach a holder for your blow dryer!

under sink bathroom organizer kids

Under Sink

Since most vanities can go back rather far, it might make sense to store extra supplies in the back. Sort the supplies by type. Think like a drug store. Then you will know where everything can be found once you run out!

Drawers With Purpose

If you have many drawers in your bathroom, make sure you give each one a purpose. Create a general category for each drawer, such as teeth. Then in that drawer, store floss, toothpaste, whitening supplies, etc.

Not only will it help you stay organized, but you’ll be able to find things quickly!

organizing bathroom drawers


Whether you store your make-up in bags or in drawers, just make sure you group categories together. I love to set up make-up stations like they are at the department store! All powders together, then bronzers/blush, etc. Not only does it make your make-up feeling fresh, but it makes getting ready (semi) painless!!

Now it’s your turn to get your bathroom organized with these bathroom organization hacks! And don’t forget to head over to Instagram and share your pictures using the #LessIsMore2018 for a chance to win a Xyron Creative Station Lite (it’s a cold laminator, perfect for making labels), and Ode To Clean plant-based wipes!

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