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Best Way To Organize A Dresser

You may think that your dresser is organized, but is it the best ever? Professional organizer is breaking down the best way to organize a dresser.

I am a huge fan of file folding clothing. But what I have noticed is that sometimes, some clothing doesn’t stay standing up as nicely as others. Those are things like workout clothes for both my husband and myself. Or those light-weight clothing like my kids’ shirts. So I was on the hunt to get those items to stand up nice and tidy in the drawer. That was until I found the best way to organize a dresser! Now I never have to worry about clothes falling over in the dresser!

Best Way To Organize A Dresser

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File Fold Clothes

The best way to organize a dresser is to start by file folding clothes. To do this, you will want your shirts, pants, and other items to be standing upright instead of laying down. The reason behind this thinking is that you are able to see all of your clothes every time you open the drawer instead of having to dig in your drawer to see the shirts, pants, etc. hiding at the bottom of the drawer.

To file fold your clothing, you can check out this post to see all my file folding suggestions.

Keep Things Standing Up

Since you file folded the clothes, there are two more tricks to keeping clothes standing up. The first trick is use drawer liner to keep clothing standing up! I love using EasyLiner Fabric Top. These liners are perfect for keeping drawers organized. 

Take the EasyLiner Fabric Top and cut to size of the dresser drawer. Then place the liner in the bottom of the dresser. Don’t worry, these liners are just grippy, not sticky! They make it perfect for any dresser or drawer.

dresser drawer with easyliner fabric top with file folded clothes

Use Drawer Dividers

After you lined the drawers with the EasyLiner Fabric Top, use drawer dividers to hold all the clothing in place. I use bamboo wooden drawer dividers to keep shirts organized. By using drawer dividers, things like workout shirts and bottoms will stay standing up.

demonstrating how to line dresser drawer with EasyLiner Fabric Top

So grab EasyLiner Fabric Top liners to the bottom of your dressers. Use bamboo drawer dividers to keep your file folded clothes standing up. And you have the best way to organizer a dresser!

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