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Best Colors For Rooms Where You Eat

Colors bring emotion, so learn the best colors for rooms where you eat to paint on your kitchen or dining room wall for an inviting space.

It has been like 2 years ago since we renovated our kitchen!! But we didn’t really end up on a paint color that felt like it went with the room.

We started just leaving the walls white since we wanted the kitchen to feel open and airy! I mean, we started with such a small kitchen that we were beyond excited to have something that you could actually move in. Well, that white didn’t feel like the room was finished. My mom kept asking when we were painting our kitchen. I knew we had to do something different.

white kitchen inspiration full kitchen double islands

Then we went with a light grey because we had the grey-blue color in the tiles on the backsplash. But the grey color didn’t go well with our brown-grey cabinets.

So we tried using a light blue color that looked fine. Not amazing, but fine. We got stuck only picking light colors when the rest of our house was very colorful.

Two years went buy without us doing anything special to the room other than add the giant chalkboard to the empty wall.

But something needed to change and I wanted it to be bold.

kitchen inspiration dark countertops

Finding The Perfect Color

Because we have purple walls, grey-brown buffet cabinets, blue backsplash, and white kitchen cabinets in our open dining room/kitchen, I needed to find a color that would work within the space but also go with all the other colors around it.

Best Colors For Rooms You Eat

Knowing that greens, purples, and blues are calming and relaxing colors, I wanted to go with a color that would work within the space but was also bold and colorful, like the rest of our house.

I started looking at Sherwin Williams Dard Hunter Green, Merlot, and Charcoal Blue. All these colors were a shade of green, deep red/purple, and deep blue, which are all colors that are calming and relaxing in rooms where you eat.

We grabbed samples of each of the three colors and tested them out throughout the room. We put paint samples near the cabinet wall, near the wall facing into the living room with the purple wall, near the windows, near the sun room (which is a shade of purple), and near the chalkboard.

super simple extra large chalkboard with greenery wreath

Going Dark In The Kitchen

Then we decided on a color…drum roll please. Dard Hunter Green!! Next week, I will be sharing the final reveal of our entire kitchen in a dark green color!

It is a risk to do a dark color on all the walls, but with this room being so open and with so many windows, I know it will look amazing and feel so inviting!

Paint colors swatches from Sherwin Williams that show you what the best paint colors are for rooms where you eat, like dining rooms and kitchens.

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