I have been wanting a simple extra large chalkboard for our dining room since we finished our kitchen almost 2 years ago!! But every tutorial I found wasn’t the exact chalkboard I had envisioned. I wanted something more industrial, yet super easy to follow.

All that led to this simple extra large chalkboard tutorial! There are a lot of steps, but I broke down everything so even the most beginner DIY-er can recreate this amazing piece of artwork that doubles as a chalkboard!!

Plus, this is a great weekend project because there is some wait time…you know, as the paint dries!! So you can paint in the morning, and party by the pool in the afternoon!!

simple extra large chalkboard with quote always believe something wonderful is about to happen

How To Make A Super Simple Extra Large Chalkboard

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all materials needed to create simple extra large chalkboard including MDF board, stain, chalkboard paint, and finishing nails



Step One

Lay out all the cut wood. Sand the edges of each piece of wood, along with smoothing out all surfaces using the sand paper.

Wipe off any excess sawdust from the wood.

Using chalkboard paint and a roller brush to paint simple extra large chalkboard

Step Two

Prime the MDF with a good quality primer like KILZ Premium.  Let dry for about an hour.

Step Three

Paint the chalkboard paint onto the piece of MDF wood. Use a roller cover with the lowest nap to create the smoothest possible surface surface; it makes for a better chalkboard!

Step Four

While MDF is drying, stain the 2.5″ wood. Use the paintbrush to apply the stain. Then wipe off using the rag. For a darker look, leave stain on longer. For a lighter look, wipe off stain quickly.  We left ours on for only about 3-4 minutes before wiping!

Staining wood for simple extra large chalkboard

Step Four

Once MDF is dry, add another coat of chalkboard paint.

Step Five

Lay out the L-shape bracket and nails. Spray paint all the brackets and nails so they are black. For the nails, stick into a piece of styrofoam. This helps keep the nails standing upright, and makes it easy to paint.

Spray nails by standing them up in styrofoam then spray painting so you can easily change the color to fit the look you want

Step Six

Apply another coat of chalkboard paint to the MDF. The more coats the better when it comes to chalkboard paint. To create this simple extra large chalkboard, we did three coats of paint that were applied rather liberally.

Step Seven

Let all of the wood sit overnight to ensure everything is totally dry.

Step Eight

Lay out the pieces of stained wood over the MDF board. Make sure all the pieces fit snuggly around the board.

Step Nine

Apply the wood glue in thin wavy lines (like HGTV!) and adhere one piece of wood to the top of the MDF board. We started with the long piece of wood. Make sure that you hold the stained wood to the MDF board for a few minutes. This helps it adhere together without moving.

Attach the wood to the MDF using finishing nails to the simple extra large chalkboard

Step Ten

Using the finishing nails, hammer in two nails to the end of the stained wood. Repeat for the opposite side. Then add two more nails to the middle. We added two nails in between the edges and middle nails to ensure everything was secure.

We found that when you hold the two pieces of wood steady by having one person hold the wood and the other nail the finishing nails in, that it made nailing into the ends easier!

Step Eleven

Add wood glue to the back of one of the stained side pieces. Adhere the piece to the edge of the MDF board, flush with the long piece you just installed.

Step Twelve

Hammer in the finishing nails to the stained wood. We did two nails to each end and two in the middle.

Step Thirteen

Repeat steps eleven and twelve for the other side of the MDF board using the other small stained piece of wood.

Step Fourteen

Add wood glue to the back of the long piece of wood. Adhere to the MDF board and make sure everything is pushed together.

Step Fifteen

Use the finishing nails to the edges of the stained wood. Add to the middle. Then add two nails in between the edges and middle nails.

Step Sixteen

Lay the L-shaped brackets on the corners of the simple extra large chalkboard. Drill the nails into the stained wood.