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How To Create A Craft Cart

In this episode of Recreate It, I am breaking down how to create a craft cart on any budget like this one from The Container Store.

I love using carts to organize. Especially when it comes to craft supplies. In this episode of Recreate It, I am breaking down how you can create a craft cart like the one pictured from The Container Store for any budget!

Recreate The Craft Cart

I love this craft cart from The Container Store. Since this is from The Container Store, all the products that are in the picture are from the Container Store. But you can easily create a craft cart with products from IKEA or Michaels’ Craft Store.

On the top row of the craft cart, there are all the art supplies including markers, colored pencils, paintbrushes, scissors, and pens. 

The middle row has dividers to hold stamps, stamp pads, and scissors. Then they are using colorful picture box holders to store stickers and other smaller items. 

The bottom row is holding paints and glue guns and poms.

All three tiers have magnet labels so you know what is on each tier.

Craft Supply Organizing Tips

When it comes to organizing craft supplies, I recommend grouping like items together. When you keep similar items together, it makes it easy to grab your craft supplies when you need them. Below are some other craft organizing tips you may enjoy.

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How To Organize Craft Supplies

Products Used

There are many ways you can recreate this craft cart. Below are links where you can find the specific products I know and love!

recreate it with craft cart supplies including cart and organizers

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