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Can You Really Organize A Closet Without Buying Anything?

Can you really organize a closet without buying anything? I am breaking down how you can DIY closet organization without spending money.

Back in 2016, I walked you through how to organize a closet without spending anything. Like we didn’t even buy new hangers. Or redesign the space. Or buy products. We simply followed some basic organizing principles to get the space in order. It’s DIY closet organization at its best. So, did that actually work? Does organize a closet without spending anything actually work? I am going to be sharing the details here!

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What Is DIY Closet Organization?

DIY closet organization is when you do the project yourself, without the help of a professional organizer. It is just like doing a home improvement project without the professional there to support you.

Maybe you have watched YouTube videos or read blog posts about how to go about organizing. All of that is a good thing! You should be able to go through and organize your closet without someone else’s help. But if it is too overwhelming, then getting help and support is a complete necessity.

How To DIY Closet Organization?

For this project, we started by taking everything out of the closet. Nothing was left in the closet at all. The reason we did this was to make sure that we would be able to go through every piece of clothing before we hung it back in the closet.

We went through each piece of clothing to decide if it was worth keeping or not keeping. We created piles of clothing to keep and what this client could part with. And we made piles for what type of clothing everything was, and made sure everything was on its own hanger. Because a lot of items in the closet were sharing hangers so the client couldn’t see what she had.

Then we started by putting clothes away based on type. All pants and skirts were to be hung on the bottom row of the closet while sweaters and dress shirts were to be hung on the top row of the closet.

We put all dresses together where there was a long hang rod.

Things like t-shirts and workout clothing can be stored in drawers or by using baskets or bins she already had.

When you are doing this in your home, start by clearing out the entire space. Then go through each type of clothing. Group the clothing together by type, making sure you have enough space to hang everything. You never want to put away your clothes onto a closet rod where they don’t all fit. Then you can decided if you want to color-code each type of clothing or if hanging them up together without color-coding will work for you. 

By following these basic steps, you can easily DIY closet organization on your own.


But Do I Really Need New Hangers?

My honest answer to this question no you don’t need new hangers. If the hangers you have are working for you, then you don’t need to buy all new hangers to have an organized closet. You don’t need all the new bins or drawers or liners or anything. But…

You may need some new things if your space isn’t working for you. 

Let’s say you get distracted by all the different hangers in your closet. Seeing all the different types really bothers you. You feel that that one thing is making your closet disorganized. Then I say you should invest in hangers. OR you could just use one type of hanger in one area of your closet. Let’s say you have a combination of the velvet hangers, plastic hangers, and dry cleaner hangers. Try using all the velvet hangers to hold your nicer things like dresses and work clothing. Maybe use the plastic hangers to hold your every day shirts. Then use the dry cleaner hangers to hold your pants. If you feel the need, then you can invest in other hangers. But maybe just grouping the hangers with the category of clothing is all you need.

You may also need to invest in someone to help you create a system that works. Sometimes DIY closet organization isn’t the answer for your space. I have worked with clients who have wanted just an hour of my time to help design a plan for them in their closets. Then they go and do the work. But getting an outsiders opinion, someone who does this for a living, can really help you figure out how to organize your closet. It usually only takes a few tweaks of a space to make it work.

DIY closet organization with Organized closet with purses on shelf and dresses on hangers

So, Did The Closet Organizing Last?

I have received a lot of messages on this to see if this closet actually stayed organized. Or people sharing that their closets don’t look like that so should they invest in a closet system. 

So I always throw it back to them and ask if their closet bothers them. If it does, then you should invest in a closet organizing system to help you feel more organized. But if it doesn’t and you are just feeling like you should because social media told you to, then I say save your money for something else. 

As for this closet, I am happy to report good news. After we transformed this closet into what it was in the pictures, I followed up with the client who shared that it was still organized. She stopped the color-coded piece but kept everything grouped by category.  That was an easy tweak she made that worked for her. Which is why I love following up with clients after we work on a space. I want to know what helped them and what didn’t. 

Want To DIY Closet Organization?

If you are looking to organize your closet but don’t want to invest in hiring a professional organizer, I have created a guide that walks you through organizing your closet. These exact steps are things that I have found useful with closet clients over the years. The Clothing Workbook will help you streamline your clothing, get clear on what to keep and what to donate/sell, and how to keep the organization you created! 

clothing workbook on clipboard with shoes and purse to the left of clipboard

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