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Declutter Kid’s Bedroom For The One Room Challenge

Learn tips to declutter kid's bedroom. This article will cover how to declutter toys and momentos along with decluttering clothing and how to store the clothes.

It is week two of the One Room Challenge and I am so excited because it is my favorite week…the declutter week!! This is always my favorite week because it is like getting a fresh start on the room. To declutter kid’s bedroom, we are actually removing all her shelving, desk, and nightstand. We will be replacing the nightstand with a smaller one, and shelves with something more functional.

Since Adleigh is a collector, she needs defined spaces to collect her stuff so it doesn’t take over her room. So we are replacing her shelving unit with something else. We are also going to declutter her clothing in her drawers. To keep things tidy inside the drawers, we are adding drawer liners to each wire drawer. We file-fold the clothing so to keep them standing up, the drawer liner will help. I am sharing my tips for how to declutter both the items in the bedroom and the clothing. You can see my design plans here.

How To Declutter Kid’s Bedrooms

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Declutter Kid’s Bedroom

For this challenge, we got rid of basically all the stuff Adleigh had hanging around her room. Since she loves collecting things, her shelves were piling up with things that really didn’t need to be stored in her room or kept. So we started to get rid of things that no longer served her space. 

When figuring out what to keep in the room, what to keep in her memory box, and what to sell/donate/trash, I ask myself questions that make the decluttering process easier. You can get a free copy of those questions below.

Where To Start

I started with a giant garbage bag, paper bags, and her memory box. Then I sorted through all the items one at a time. I decided what we are going to do with each item. Since most of the items won’t be staying in her room, this was an easy decision to either put in her memory box or to put into the paper bag to donate or garbage bag to throw way.

What To Do With A Collector

When I am getting rid of things and because she is a collector, I make sure that she has a chance to go through her space before I do a big clean out. This way she can hold onto the items that mean a lot of her. She knows that she can store items in her memory box. The box is just a large box with a lid. She is only able to keep one memory box so all her items must be stored inside that one box.

After that, she has to go through the box and decide what to keep and what she can recycle/trash. This is a good rule of thumb to help her only keep important things instead of feeling like she has to keep all the things. She is able to look at the memory box as often as she wants so she never feels like she is letting go of important items, simply putting them in a different place. 

Be gentle when you are decluttering kid’s bedrooms because there may be something you don’t see as important but they do. Allow them to go through first to find what they truly love. Then you can go through and declutter the remaining items they may have a hard time parting with. This is what professional organizers help you do, so it is totally fine if you help with that!

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One Room Challenge bedroom mood board elementary girls bedroom ideas

Sorting Through Clothing

When it comes to decluttering kid’s bedrooms, most people just think of the actual items that are taking over the shelves and desk. But the clothing in their bedrooms can also become super cluttered. How often do you go through kids clothing? We don’t do it nearly as often as we should. But I do have a system in place to help keep the outgrown clothes out of the drawers.

We have a bag in each kids’ closet. The kids put their clothes that they either don’t like or have outgrown inside that bag. Once the bag is full, we dump it into the donate pile and make a trip to our local donation center. (I have a list of all my favorite donation locations here.)

One way I like to get Adleigh to try on clothes is making it like a fashion show. I have pulled a few items that I don’t think fit, and create an “outfit”. Then she has to walk around to show off the outfit. She loves it and I can see if things fit.

Lining Drawers

After sorting through clothes, it is time to line the drawers. For us, we are lining Adleigh’s Elfa wire drawers with The Duck Brand Easy Liner Fabric Top . We are doing this because the fabric top provides a grippy surface for the clothes that are file folded. It helps keep them standing up. I found that using liner works best for drawers where clothes are file folded. 

declutter kid's room clothing drawers with liners

How To Line Wire Drawers

Step One

To start, I laid out the liner and put the wire drawer on top. I cut the liner to the size of the bottom of the drawer going the long way.

Step Two

Then I placed the liner inside the drawer and folded it over the short way to give myself a cut line. I used that fold as a cut line to cut the fabric top liner.

Step Three

I added the clothing once the drawer liner was in. I also made sure to put in the drawer dividers to keep the clothing tidy inside the newly lined drawers.

Now all of Adleigh’s drawers are lined so her clothes won’t slide around in her drawer.

One Room Challenge

There are so many incredible designers who are sharing their spaces for the One Room Challenge. Make sure you go check them out here to get inspiration for transforming a space in your home!

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