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10 Effective Ways To Be More Productive While Working From Home

Improve productivity when you work from home by using these 10 effective ways to be more productive. As a small business owner, I have learned a thing or two about ways to work from home.

Working from home has its advantages. You can work in your sweats. Laundry can be swapped out when you are in between calls. And lunch can be made with things you already have instead of eating out. But there is always the struggle with being productive when working from home. So to improve productivity, I am sharing 10 ways you can be more productive while working from home!

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10 Effective Ways To Be More Productive While Working From Home

Create A Morning Routine

Setting a morning routine is key to improving productivity. A morning routine can be anything that sets your day for success. To create a morning routine, write down all the things you have to do in the morning. Then give an estimate for how long each task will take. Put the tasks in order. Write down the tasks in the order you want to complete them. Then make sure that you keep that list located where you can see it to get your day started off right!

For me, I start my day by waking up and drinking my coffee. While I am drinking I spend time journaling and mediating. Then I check my planner and emails before starting my day.

Set An End Of Workday Routine

An end of workday routine is another way to improve productivity, especially when working from home. This is how you transition from working to home life. I like to start by checking emails one last time. Then putting my out of office on. I look at my planner and schedule things I have to do for the following day. Then I tidy up my workspace and close down my computer.

Plan Your Day To Improve Productivity

To improve productivity while working from home, I like to use my Mama Productivity Planner. The planner is broken up by the week, so you can write down all your weekly tasks and then check them off as you work. I really enjoy this for weeks when I am super busy. I can plan out when and how I am going to get all the projects completed because they are all in one location. 

mama productivity bundle with screen tracker, goal setting, and planner

Improve Productivity With Project Planners

I love using project planners to keep my projects on track. Using a project planner such as Asana or Trello work if your team is virtual. Using boards with Post It notes for project planning also works when you work from home. I shared a few ways you can do project planning here

Batch Tasks To Improve Productivity

Batching tasks is when you do a bunch of similar tasks together. Think like taking all your pictures for a blog post in one day. Then spend another day recording all your videos. By batching tasks, you are able to knock out a bunch of things in a shorter amount of time. But to do this, you have to be organized!! When I batch content, I make sure that I have my projects planned. Then I write down all the smaller steps that go into each of those projects. 

For example, if I have a bunch of videos to make, I will write down all the topics I need to make videos on. Then I write down the steps. First I need to write scripts. Then I record. I need to have pictures for the YouTube graphics along with pictures for the Instagram posts. Then I need to edit the videos, along with making graphics. 

Let’s say I need to make 4 videos for the month. I can batch the content by writing all the scripts in one day. Then spend a day recording the videos and another day taking pictures. I will spend a few days editing. And then I can spend a day scheduling all the content. 

Rework To Do Lists

Another way to improve productivity is to rework your to do lists. This means that you need to prioritize your projects based on what needs to get done, should get done, and may get done. Anything on the may get done list should be delegated to someone else. I try to get the should get done list delegated to my assistant as well. This really helps keep your weekly to do lists more manageable. 

Keep Your Desk Space Tidy

One major productivity stopper is having an untidy work space. When your desk is untidy, cluttered, and disorganized, your mind gets overwhelmed easier. So make sure you desk space is tidy. Remove any unnecessary items from your space. Add plants to improve productivity. Keep space open for your mind to breath. Visual clutter is just as bad as physical clutter, so by removing anything that isn’t working in the space allows your brain to think clearer. 

Organize Your Computer Files

Keeping your computer files in order is another helpful way to improve productivity because you aren’t looking all over for files. Start by creating folders for different projects. Inside each folder, add a checklist or link to the Trello or Asana board you are using to keep your projects organized. This way all your files will be together in one place. Once the project is done, you can move that folder into the completed folder or move it into your Dropbox or Google Drive folder. You can read more computer organizing tips here.

Clear The Paper Clutter

Paper clutter is an easy thing that can pile up while working from home. No one is looking at your workspace other than you, so why not let the clutter pile up?? Because those piles are paper are actually hurting your productivity. Like I said before, visual clutter is a real thing. So when you remove that…those piles of papers…you are able to clear visual clutter to improve your productivity. 

Start by using magazine holders to hold paper. This reduces the paper piles on your desk. You can also use a digital scanner to move all your paper documents onto your computer. But make sure you keep them organized.

Rest And Recharge To Improve Productivity

Finally, make sure you schedule time to rest and recharge every day. This is so important to your productivity while you are working from home. In your planner, schedule time for you. Quiet time away from work. If you were traveling into the office, you would have that time, so make sure you give yourself a few minutes every day to decompress. 


Inside the Mama Productivity Bundle, you will get all you need to improve productivity! There are 10 pages included in the bundle, what are designed to help support your needs while working from you. You will get an instant download including a goal setting template, perfect for taking your business to the next level. A brain dumping space, to get those project ideas and mental clutter out of your head and onto paper. Undated planners to help keep your days and weeks organized. Trackers to help you keep track of your goals and screen time. And there is a routine setting guide to help you create a morning routine, end of work day routine, and more!

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