My all-time favorite thing, after a long day, is coming jumping into my bed with my pajamas. I feel like I can take a large exhale. And the reason why I can finally relax in my bed is because I have created cozy bedroom decor that is easy to recreate.

There are so many studies that show a huge correlation between sleep and clutter. One study that was conducted by New York’s St. Lawrence University, found that a messy bedroom can lead to increased anxiety and a poor nights’ sleep. Poor sleep is also tied to compromised cognition, which includes decision-making and executive functioning skills. It was also noted that the more clutter you have filling open spaces in your bedroom the longer it takes you to fall asleep.

So it behoves you to sleep in a clutter-free area!! But how can you do that quickly and easily?? Let’s start with these four tips for cozy bedroom decor.

creating a cozy bedroom decor tips

4 Tips For Cozy Bedroom Decor

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Clear Excess Clutter

Step one for creating cozy bedroom decor is to clear excess clutter. You really want to keep your bedroom tranquil, so remove anything that doesn’t belong in a bedroom. Things like paper, bills, computers, etc. Keep your room to just what you need!

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Make Your Bed Every Morning

Step two is to make your bed every morning. This helps you want to maintain an organized and tidy room. Because you see your bed fully made, it will motivate you to keep your bedroom tranquil.

canvas prints on wall with mixbook for cozy bedroom decor

Wall Decor

To make your bedroom feel cozy, I love adding pictures to the walls. My favorite way to add photos to the walls is to get canvas prints and hang them like a gallery wall. Mixbook has a ton of size options that are perfect for any area of your home!

Simply head to Go to “home decor” and click on “canvas prints”. You can select your size, get the canvas prints framed, and then order!!

All the canvas prints come with hooks on the back, which is perfect for hanging up in your bedroom.

My prints in our master bedroom are unframed and 14″ x 11″. I have a variety of sizes in our hallway as well!

Add Rugs

Finally, my fourth step for creating cozy bedroom decor is to add fluffy rugs near your bed. It is the best walking into your bed on a fluffy rug. Just makes my feet happy!

cozy bedroom decor with bed and canvas wall art

Want to see more ways to create cozy bedroom decor? Check out this video:

how to get a better night sleep with cozy bedroom decor overlay of master bedroom