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How To Do A Deep Clean Of The Kids Bedrooms

Does your child’s bedroom get filthy dirty incredibly quickly, or is it just my kids??  I cannot even begin to tell you how gross my kiddos rooms can get if I don’t keep up with doing a deep clean of their rooms frequently. And by frequently, I mean like 3-4 times a year. If you…

Does your child’s bedroom get filthy dirty incredibly quickly, or is it just my kids??  I cannot even begin to tell you how gross my kiddos rooms can get if I don’t keep up with doing a deep clean of their rooms frequently.

And by frequently, I mean like 3-4 times a year.

If you know me well, or have been reading along on this blog for a while, you know that I loath cleaning.  I use to be so good about it, but I think all that deep cleaning of my rented apartments in the city burned me out of actual, every day cleaning.

Like, I can’t even handle wiping down windows if there is a smudge.

So when it comes to deep cleaning, I try to only have to do it twice a year.  Spring and Fall.

how to do a deep clean of the kids bedrooms

But, I am realizing that I need to do it every few months.  Because with growing kids and a dog, our house isn’t staying as clean as it once did.

So, every three months I will be deep cleaning the house.  Starting with bedrooms and working my way through the house.  Mostly because I know I will have the energy and will-power to get the bedrooms clean before I get distracted and move onto something else.

I am also doing a deep clean of the kids bedrooms because we are moving around furniture and updating the kids rooms.  So whenever I do that, I always feel the need to deep clean.

For me, deep clean of bedrooms is dusting, vacuuming, and washing.

  • Dust
    • Fans
    • Lights
    • Blinds
    • Furniture
    • Vent Ducts
    • Baseboards
  • Vacuum Curtains
    • Curtains
    • Mattress
    • Floors/Carpet
  • Steam Clean Carpets (maybe just once a year)
  • Wash All Bedding, Duvet Covers, Quilts and Pillows

navy, grey, orange toddler room


When I start to dust the bedrooms, I always start from the tallest place and work my way down.  That usually means starting with the ceiling fan.

An easy trick for dusting the ceiling fan is to use an old pillow case.  Just put the pillow case on a blade of the fan, gently pull the sides together, and slowly move the pillow case off of the fan blade.  Repeat for all blades.  By using a pillow case, you are able to collect all of the dust without having some fall on the floor.

An easy trick for dusting blinds is to use a pillow case and put your hand all the way to the corner of the pillow case.  Go back and forth on each blind to collect dust using your hand.  You get a lot more dust bunnies when you are using your hand and a pillow case!

I have heard that if you want to keep your baseboards clean you should use a dryer sheet and wipe it on the baseboard.  I tried it last year, and have to tell you that that trick really worked!  Our baseboards really don’t have a lot of dust on them.  I am not sure how often you are suppose to repeat that process, so I am doing it once a year to insure that the baseboards stay clean.


I vacuum everything.  Like, I will vacuum the baseboards and behind the furniture too!

Starting with the carpet, I will vacuum everything.  Then I move the furniture and vacuum under each piece.  I will set the room back up.  Then, I take that upholstery tool and vacuum the mattress.

And, just a fun fact for all my vacuuming nerds out there… that round brush attachment is for DUSTING!!   Dead serious.  And since I found that out, I have tested it to see if it actually works, and it does-ish.  Like, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to dust anything, just put that piece on and the vacuum would do the rest.  But that isn’t the case.  (Boo)

But it does work for areas that are really dusty, like our house after construction!


Finally, washing all.the.things!  I wash ALL the stuffed animals.  All the bedding.  Pretty much everything that can be washed, gets a good cleaning during my deep clean.

The stuffed animals that are just regular, get washed in HOT water.  The favorites are washed on delicate and warm water.

Bedding is all washed based on what the label says.  I did write down how to wash all the bedding and stuck it up on a memo board in the laundry room.  That has helped keep laundry time down, since I can just look on the board instead of searching for the label!

My Favorite Cleaning Products:

the organized mamas favorite cleaning products

Vinegar/Water Spray

I make this recipe in an old spray bottle.  I start by mixing vinegar and water (it is a 1:1 ratio).  Then I will add in some essential oils like lemon.  I love that I can spray this and it is all natural!

Method Wood Cleaner

I use this natural wood cleaner on some of the kids nice wood furniture.  I really like the smell, but I have heard others are not fans.  Make sure your kids don’t mind before you spray in their rooms!

Dyson Vacuum

This truly is such a fantastic vacuum.  We have had ours for over five years and it still works like it’s brand new.  The suction is seriously amazing and it is easy to clean…our kids loves taking it apart!  And all of the attachments are on the vacuum, making it easy to use the different parts for the different areas of the house you are cleaning.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

I love these things.  They are fantastic for wiping up and dusting.  Since they are soft, they don’t scratch the surfaces I am cleaning.  They also work well when using them dry to pick up dust.

Cleaning Carrying Caddie

And finally my cleaning caddie I put together!  I put all my essentials in this one caddie so I can get everything organized before I start to do a deep clean.  Since they are my least favorite thing to do ever, it helps to have everything I need in one area instead of having to hunt for cleaning supplies all over the house.


Now that I wrote about all of this, I better get to cleaning!  All weekend I will be cleaning, rearranging, and organizing the kids’ bedrooms.  Follow along on my InstaStories for all the behind-the-scenes action!


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  1. I really like this. Thank you for helping me out with getting my house clean. I’m going to use these recommendations and tips!!

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