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Elementary Girl’s Bedroom Ideas: Design Plans

Elementary girl's bedroom ideas are shared including design plans and product listings that will happen over the next 6 weeks for the One Room Challenge.

I am so excited because today is the first day of the fall One Room Challenge!! The One Room Challenge (or ORC) is a design challenge that encourages you to complete one room in your home in 6 weeks. It really pushes you to finish a project from start to finish. That is why I love it. Because I have a set deadline when things have to be done!

I have participated in the ORC back in 2016 when I completed our basement. Then I participated to complete our main floor bathroom after we remodeled our kitchen. Then I joined again when I redecorated our living room! And this year, I am joining to redecorate my daughter’s bedroom. I am going with more of a transformation from toddler room to elementary girl’s bedroom. This means we are painting, moving furniture, and decluttering basically everything she has in that room right now. 

I have big plans for this space. But I have to say that my daughter isn’t the only one who is looking for a transformation. My son wants one too. So we may be doing both bedrooms at the same time because when you have kids 16 months apart, they basically want the same thing the other has!!

Transforming An Elementary Girl’s Bedroom Ideas: Design Plans

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The Space

My daughter’s room is an odd shape. She has a bump-out closet so to get into her room there is a weird little walkway. She has 3 windows, two on the far wall from the door. And one on the wall to the left of the door.

We currently have her bed on the wall in front of the two windows, across from her door. We have a shelf ladder from Pottery Barn and a desk next to her bed. 

She loves to collect things, so I was finding that the shelves ended up just holding things. No matter what we ended up putting on them to keep things contained. And trust me, I tried. 

We ended up removing the doors from her closet to give her more floor space so nothing opens up into the room. This created the problem of her closet needed to stay neat and organized. So I was able to work with The Container Store to get her a full Elfa closet. This helped keep her clothes tidy. 

But the rest of the room remained disorganized and messy. So I knew it was time to transform her room into something that she would enjoy through elementary school!

gallery wall girls bedroom to be transformed for one room challenge

The Plan 

Her room is getting a total overhaul and I am so excited to share an elementary girl’s bedroom ideas with you! We are repainting all the walls. That wasn’t my original plan when I decided to join the One Room Challenge this year, but it ended up being necessary. She has so many holes in her wall from the gallery wall that in order to repair it, we would have to repaint anyway. So now we are going to be repainting her entire room. 

To do this, we are going to paint 2 of her walls a dark grey or black color. The other 2 walls will be a light purple or pink. Still picking colors but will figure that out soon!

Then we are going to move her bed to the far corner of the room. She has asked for a canopy to hang over her bed so I will either be making one or finding one online. I am not shopping in stores this year for the challenge, so hopefully everything gets here in time!

One Room Challenge bedroom mood board elementary girls bedroom ideas

She is going to need a new bed as we just took her headboard and put it on a frame to create a bed for her. I think it is time for her to have an actual bed! And we are going to get new bedding. The bedding she has was from 4 years ago when we turned her crib into her bed. We got her bedding that was super cute, but I think she is ready for a change. And bedding is an easy change to really make a room feel new again.

Then I am going to have to find her new shelving. Since the current shelving isn’t working, I need something else that will work. The biggest thing I have found when it comes to keeping clutter out of kids’ rooms is to limit the amount of shelf space you have. If you give kids boundaries for what and where they can keep things, they will stay within that limit. But when they have unlimited space, they will take it all! So really limit the amount of space clutter can accumulate and your kiddo won’t be able to clutter as much!

I think we are going to remove her desk. She never uses it and it just takes up space. She has a desk down in my office for school. So I think that removing the desk will give her more space to use for other things like an oversized chair or beanbag chair. Something that is a little more “big kid”.

On her current gallery wall, I think I am going to create some oversized pictures and hang them up. This way she can change out the pictures as she gets older. 

closet with paper flowers above

The Products For Elementary Girl’s Bedroom Ideas

So I decided to order some things before the challenge started. I did this to make sure I could actually finish the room. Since I really am not shopping in stores this year, I wanted to make sure I got everything we needed so I could actually create a bedroom that is both beautiful and “big kid”.

We ordered her a new bed from Crate and Kids called the Ever Simple bed. I feel this bed will be the perfect bed that can transition with her until high school. It is simple so it will totally grow with her.

Then we ordered bedding from Beddy’s. We got the Dash Minky set. I am obsessed with Beddy’s because they are the softest bedding AND THEY ZIP!!! It is like a giant sleeping bag for the bed that has a cozy cover and adorable sheets! I may have to get one for myself. 

And speaking of sleep stuff, we ordered a Hatch sleep machine. I cannot wait to start using it for her! And don’t worry…we ordered one for Eli as well!!

I am thinking we are going to get her shelving from IKEA. The Kallax shelving cubes will hold her books and some of her toys that she can keep in her room. 

And for paint. I am thinking we are going black! I am eyeing Benjamin Moore Black Satin for the black walls. And Benjamin Moore Rock Harbor Violet for the other walls. On the black walls, we are going to put up watercolor curtains from Wayfair. I think the curtains are totally going to pop!!

shelving and desk in elementary girls bedroom for one room challenge

Elementary Girl’s Bedroom Ideas For The One Room Challenge

So if you are looking for more inspiration for other rooms in your home, then you have to check out all the guest participants participating in the One Room Challenge by going here! You will be directed to a site where all the other designers are sharing their projects too! Check them out and get some inspo for your room!!

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  2. Kristin Lisor-Kern

    Exciting! I recently saw a wall that was painted black. The wall was divided in half diagonally- from bottom left, tape was stretched to for top right of wall. Top part of tape division was painted black, bottom was a soft white. They added shelf’s, plants pictures, etc. Wall was amazing!!

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