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Eliminate Paper Clutter With These 5 Steps

These 5 steps can help eliminate paper clutter the easy way by turning papers digital and deciding which documents to keep in paper form.

Oh the paper. It can pile up so fast. With kids stuff, work stuff, home stuff, the paper clutter can easily get out of control.

To eliminate the paper clutter, use these five steps to create a paper plan that actually works.

hands sifting through piles of paper with paperclips

Gather All Papers

I feel that one of the biggest culprits of paper clutter is not collecting it all in one place.

When papers are spread out, there is a possibility that papers will end up in the wrong pile. Or there may be multiple piles of the same type of paper.

Let’s say you try to keep all the kids’ papers in the laundry room. But your child draws you a picture and places it in your desk in your office.

Soon that picture turns into a pile of kids’ papers. Now you have two spots for kids’ papers. And that is how things get lost.

Instead of piling up papers in different parts of your home, collect all the papers and sort them in one location. Like a dining room table.

Purchase Paper Clutter Plan

Once you have all the paper piles from around your house in one location, purchase the Paper Plan.

The Paper Plan is my exact steps for decluttering, organizing, and storing paper.

The plan walks you through:

  • which items can be turned into digital documents
  • how to turn those items into digital documents
  • which items you need to keep in paper form
  • how to store those paper documents
  • organizing tips for your filing cabinet

Plus, you get filing cabinet labels with each category that is recommended for the paper documents.

The Paper Plan will eliminate paper clutter quickly, because you don’t have to spend time searching the internet for what documents to keep. You get a checklist in the plan!

Turn Paper Clutter Plan Into E-Book

After you purchase the Paper Plan, you will get an email with the link to download the PDF file.

If you are wanting it on your phone or iPad, I recommend downloading it onto that device.

Click the link in your email on the right-hand side. There will be two links listed.

The first link listed will be the plan.

The second link is the labels for the filing cabinet documents.

You will want to download the first link.

Once it is downloaded, you will get a notice to open in…

Select your ebook reader of choice. I prefer iBooks, but Kindle and Evernote also work great.

Group Papers Into Designated Categories

One of the first things that is covered in the paper clutter plan is how to group papers into categories.

You want to do this because you can find the categories that can be digital quicker.

And you can see which papers need to be filed.

That is why I love collecting all the papers in one place that I can easily spread out.

Back when I was organizing clients, we would use anything from the floor to stairs to tables to get the papers sorted.

So use what space you have to ensure all the papers are sorted into categories.

The Organized Mama filing papers while laughing

Label With Filing Labels

The digital documents can be scanned and filed digitally.

But the papers you need physical copies need to be filed in an organized way.

This is where you will download the second link in the paper plan called: filing cabinet labels.

These labels are for every category of paper you may need to file.

Print these labels out on regular printer paper. Then cut to size.

Or print the labels out on file cabinet label paper.

Eliminate Paper Clutter

Gather up all your paper you have lying around the house. Collect the paper in one location.

Download the Paper Clutter Plan.

Turn the plan into an ebook following the steps above.

Then follow the steps inside the ebook to declutter, organize, digitize, and file your papers. This plan is sure to reduce your paper clutter by 90%!

Print the filing cabinet labels. Then file the documents you need to keep in paper form.

Digitize all the remaining documents. File the digital documents into your digital filing cabinet.

Create a routine to keep up with this process and you are sure to be paper clutter free!

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