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How To Organize A Toy Room On A Budget

Toys are fun, but they also take up space. So, if you have kids, you know what I mean. But, when you're looking to declutter your house, toys can be a real pain. That's why we've put together this list of tips to help you organize your kid's toys.

Your kids grow out of toys so fast. Making it hard to keep the toys organized.

And spending a ton of money on organizing supplies isn’t always an investment you want to make. Especially if you have many ages and interests with toys all in one space.

Over the years, I have learned how to organize a toy room on a budget using these easy strategies.

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Start with the Big Stuff

If you start by cleaning out the big stuff first, you’ll make room for more toys later. This means all those giant cars, trucks, doll houses should be the first items you sort through.

Then dump out each bin or basket and sort through those items next.

Just keep going through all the items until you have been able to sort every toy.

You should start by getting rid of any broken toys, as well as anything that has been damaged beyond repair.

Then, go through each toy and decide whether it still has value. If not, donate it to charity or sell it online.

I like having garbage bags for broken or trash toys. Paper bags for donation. And the random items I sell, I just remove from the space.

Remember that selling items online takes a lot of your time. So decide if you want to invest in your time to sell an item.

I have a free Where To Donate E-Book you can download with tons of ideas on donation locations.

Sort by Category

Once you’ve gotten rid of everything that no longer serves a purpose, it’s time to sort your remaining toys into categories.

This will help you keep track of where things are located and how much storage space you need. It’s also helpful to group similar toys together so you can find them easily.

All my category recommendations are included in this free planner and checklist. You can get that below!

Group Like Items Together

Using the category recommendations on the checklist and planner, you can group your toys together.

When grouping them, look at how your child plays with the toys. And which toys can be stored best together.

This will help when finding ways to store the toys.

For us, my son loved using MagnaTiles and cars to create race tracks. So both were stored together.

My daughter had a lot of doll stuff, so everything was stored together. Instead of breaking each accessory or clothing item into separate storage options.

storage of oversized toys and food for american girl doll items

Create a Storage System

This part is key when creating a toy room on a budget. Finding storage solutions for the toys.

Start by using what you already have. If you have bins, use those for different toy categories.

Use the large food boxes to store toys. Just cut off the top flaps. And you can cover in Duct Tape for some decoration!

Just make sure all the different toy categories have a place to go.

If you are unsure of how to lay out the toy room, I have the Playroom Setup Bundle.

This bundle gives:

  • my exact method for decluttering toys
  • 3 different layouts for play rooms
  • budget-friendly product recommendations

Add a Label

Finally, you have to label all the toy bins and baskets.

Picture labels work best for kids. Because they can visually see what goes inside the bins.

You can see my exact process for turning your toys into photo labels: Stop Toy Clutter With Toy Bin Labels.

Or you can purchase the Printable Toy Bin Labels Bundle Pack.

How To Organize A Toy Room On A Budget

When it comes to organizing a toy room on a budget, you have to start with the largest toys first. Then work your way through every single bin and basket.

Remove any unwanted, unused, or broken toy.

Then group the toys into categories using my free planner and checklist.

Use whatever bins, baskets, or boxes you have to store the toys. If you are unsure, use the Playroom Setup Bundle.

Label every bin with pictures so the kids can find what they are looking for.

Now you have organized your toy room on a budget!

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