Professional organizer shares her tips for how to create effective garden tool storage using products from Lowe's Home Improvement Store! #organized #tools #garden
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10 Garage Storage Ideas That Will Make Your Garage Organized

Professional organizer shares her tips for garage storage solutions that can be used in any garage to help create an organized and tidy space!

Did you know that the U.S. Department of Energy reports that one-quarter of people with two-car garages have so much stuff that they can’t park their cars in their garage? Does this sound like you?? Would you like to actually be able to park your car in your garage?? Or do you just need garage storage ideas that will help tidy up your space?

These 10 garage storage ideas will help any garage get organized!

10 Garage Storage Ideas That Will Make Your Garage Organized

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1. Yard Tools

My biggest piece of advice for organizing and storing yard tools in your garage is to get them off the ground. Hang as many yard tools as you can. It really helps create a more streamlined space. Find an area in your garage that is long enough to hold the yard tools. Then add hooks or a wall-mounted hook system. Make sure you have enough walking room so no one gets their head bumped by a yard tool before hanging.

Professional organizer shares her tips for how to create effective garden tool storage using products from Lowe's Home Improvement Store! #organized #tools #garden

2. Tool Storage in Your Garage

Some clients of mine store their tools in the garage. If this is you, create a designated zone for your tools. Keep them tidy by storing similar tools together. If you or a family member has a lot of tools, think about getting a tool storage bench with lots of drawers. These workspaces are great for holding a large number of tools and keeping them organized. Use drawer organizers within the drawers to keep the tools organized.

screw bin garage tool organization ideas

3. Hanging Bikes

Some garages really benefit from hanging bikes so they aren’t all over the floor. I love this garage storage idea as it really does open up space. There are many types of options for how to hang bikes. Depending on space, you can easily do one wall with a bike rack. Then store all the bikes on that rack.

Another option is to store bikes hanging from the ceiling using a pulley system. This is great if you need the floor space but want to ride your bike frequently. Also storing your bike on a wall stand works too!

Professional Organizer shares tips on how to utilize space to create garage bike storage that won't break the bank. Plus ideas for bike supply organization. #garageorganization #bikestorage

4. Parking Bikes

Need bikes accessible for everyone? Try using a bike stand to hold all the bikes. It is like a parking lot for your bikes! All those riding toys and scooters should be stored like a parking lot too. This helps create space for cars to park in the garage even when there are toys on the ground.

Try hanging scooters so they aren’t lying all over the floor. I use a double “J” hook to hold the scooters. They hold the handlebars of the scooter better than a straight hook. Plus they don’t flop around because there are two hooks to keep the scooter’s handles in place.

5. Toys & Sports

Storing toys and sporting equipment on a shelf, rack, or ball holder is the easiest way to create effective storage. I love using bins to hold sporting equipment. Keep it low enough so kids can put things away without much assistance. Store all the bats, hockey sticks, and poles in a standing bin. There area few options that I think last the longest:

6. Holiday Decor Stored in Your Garage

Some of my clients store their holiday decor in their garage. Keeping it on a shelf or stored on the ceiling of the garage is a great garage storage idea. Use bins that are large and add a label so you know what is inside!

When figuring out what type of shelving you may need, first look at all the holiday decor you have. Make sure you get bins that are all the same or similar sizing. This helps with how tall you need your shelves to be. If you are using a shelving system, make sure all your bins can pull in and out easily. This will help you maintain organized holiday decor.

If you are storing holiday decor on an overhead garage rack, I recommend using clear bins. This helps if a label falls off or you are unable to read the label due to the placement of the rack. At least you can see inside rather than guessing what is in each bin!

7. Gardening

Keep all gardening items together in one zone of your garage. Whether that be hanging on a wall or stored on a shelf or in a cabinet. Keep everything tidy and contained by using bins to hold them together. Want to get really cute with your gardening storage? Store your gardening supplies in planters for an adorable garage storage idea to keeping those supplies contained while still looking cute!

Professional organizer shares her tips for how to create effective garden tool storage using products from Lowe's Home Improvement Store! #organized #tools #garden

8. Miscellaneous

Once you have gone through the big garage categories, there are always those miscellaneous items that end up having to be stored in the garage. Keep them all together on a shelf or in a cabinet. I typically store them on a high shelf because they aren’t frequently used items. But only hold onto those items if you do actually use them.

If you are just holding onto those miscellaneous items because you don’t know where else to put them, ask yourself if you ever plan to use them. Sometimes I have had clients hold onto a few pieces of tile. But the likelihood of you fixing one broken piece of tile is rather slim. Instead, you could donate those unused tiles to Habitat For Humanity. It is a great organization that will take your unused items to help build a home for someone in need.

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9. Labels

You need to make sure you label everything. It is my favorite garage storage idea because it really helps keep everything organized!! When you know what is in a bin or on a shelf or in a cabinet, you are more likely to search there before going out and buying that same item. Which actually saves you money!!

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10. Garage Plans for Organized Storage

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In these garage plans, you will get over 20 pages worth of garage organization inspiration! I break down how to organize different types of items you may keep in your garage. I share how you should set them up, organize them, and possible locations for where to store them. There is a giant list of products you can use to organize the garage like a professional as well! Plus, my custom labels are included! They are on sale now!!!!

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  1. Thank you for the tip about having a set are of your tools. My husband has a lot of tools, but they are sort of spread thought the garage. I bet we could find some organization hardware to help us organize all of that.

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    Loved your idea about zones- that is so helpful! Also, I’m going to be hanging tools up high, and finding the perfect place for the bikes. Thanks again for all you do!

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