packing cubes with swimwear and travel packing list
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Ultimate Travel Packing List

Want to carry on your luggage but not sure how to pack? This travel packing list has tips and tricks for packing all your clothing like a pro.

Back in the day (you know, pre-kids), I was all about being on the “carry-on club”, when traveling. I never wanted to check a bag. So I taught myself some easy tricks for how to get everything I needed into a carry-on suitcase. There was strategy and planning and time to execute the plan. Fast forward to our first trip with a baby, and I sadly learned that my packing strategy wasn’t going to cut it. I needed a new plan for how I was going to pack 3 people in 2 carry-on suitcases.

So I figured out a new plan to get all 3 of us in 2 carry-on suitcases plus a diaper bag. I felt like I had mastered this packing thing. Then my daughter comes and I am back at square one with the packing. No, I was not going to cave in checking a bag. I was determined to figure out a way that I could pack 4 of us in 2 carry-on bags.

That is when I discovered packing cubes. And these packing cubes are what changed my entire packing game for good. No joke these cubes are full on life-savers when it comes to packing the entire family.

Packing cubes lying flat next to suitcase and travel packing list

The Ultimate Travel Packing List

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packing cubes with swimwear and travel packing list

Travel Packing List

The very first thing I do is create my travel packing list. I have to write down everything that each family member needs in order to make sure I pack the appropriate things.

To start, I give each family member their own checklist. Then I write down everything they will need for the trip. Each checklist is stored near their packing cubes. For example, my son is blue, so all the blue packing cubes are his. I can have him pull out the outfits he wants to wear and he can roll them into the packing cubes.

I found that rolling in the cubes allows you more space for more things! Just make sure that you watch the weight because you can really cram a lot into the cubes and your bags may be heavy.

Don’t want to make your own packing list?? Then get my ultimate travel packing list for FREE!

Packing With Packing Cubes

Packing cubes come in all shapes and sizes. I personally love the ones from Eagle Creek. Because they come in a bunch of different sizes, you are able to pack what you need easily. The Eagle Creek Pack It Cubes Set comes with 3 different sizes. The large bag is great for packing clothing. Start by pulling out all the outfits you (or the kids) are going to wear while you are away. I like getting a different color bag for each family member. Then roll items into the large bag. Roll things like pants, shorts, and tops.

Use the middle size Pack It Cube for storing swim suits and pajamas. The smallest packing cube is for socks and underwear.

rolled up socks in packing cube next to pair of socks for travel packing list example

I also love packing with the Clean and Dirty Packing Cubes. This is really helpful when we go on longer vacations because I can store all the clean clothing on one side and the dirty clothes go on the other, which has an opening so they clothing can breath and not get all stinky in the cube!

Make sure you bring toys for the kids as well! I love using the Cinch Sac for storing Legos for the kids. And also using the cinch sac for holding our headphones and chargers!

Then I store all the packing cubes in our Eagle Creek suitcases. The cubes fit nicely inside and can be stacked on top of each other. Then I can lay jeans or pants on top of the packing cubes so they don’t get wrinkly.

rolled up clothing in packing cubes with travel packing list

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legos dumped out with cinch sac to demonstrate how to pack toys for traveling with kids

Favorite Traveling Products

While packing can take some time, using these products makes things so much easier!

Get your FREE copy of my travel packing list below. Then pack all your clothing items in packing cubes. Store the packing cubes inside your carry-on suitcase. Then away you go!!


Travel packing list overly with flatlays of packing cubes and clothing

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