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How To Organize Kids’ Books

The Organized Kids share how to organize kids' books. They are showing how to group books on a bookshelf along with how to organize them.

If your kids are anything like mine, they love to read. And when they read, they want all the books to be organized. So how do you organize a bookshelf with books so the kids can easily find the books they want to read? Well, The Organized Kids are going to be sharing how they store their books. And I have some tricks for how to organize kids’ books that are sure to help any kiddo keep their books tidy!

Bookshelf With Books

I love bookshelves for organizing books but not all bookshelves are created equal. If you find that the books are flopping around, then you may need to find an alternative to using one long shelf. The reason that they books are flopping around and not standing up is because you may not have enough books to fill the shelf, or there is no support for the books on the shelf. Some bookends may work to hold up the books, but make sure that those bookends are heavy.

Cubbies With Books

Another way to store books is by using cubbie shelves like the IKEA Kallax to store books. Instead of a long bookshelf to hold the books, you have sections that can hold the books your kiddos read. The books can stay tidy because the cubbies act as natural bookends. 

There are many ways you can group books in the cubbies. You can cram them all in to whichever cubbie needs more books. You can group them like Eli did in the video. Or you can arrange them by type. There is no right or wrong option here. You just have to find a system that works for your child.


Tricks For Organizing Books

One trick for organizing bookshelves with books is to group the books by type. You can keep the books together by using bookends, like Eli did in the video. Another trick on how to organize kids’ books if you don’t have a lot of space is to create a library in a different area of your home. Then let the kiddos’ select books to keep in a basket in their bedroom. You can swap out books as often as they like. But this will help you if you are limited on space in a bedroom.

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