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How To Organize Toys With Creative QT Slide Away Bags

Learn how to organize toys using an incredible product from Creative QT called the Slide Away bags that come in 2 different sizes.

Keeping toys tidy can be tricky. But not with the Slide Away Bags from Creative QT. These bags are perfect for keeping spaces tidy while still giving ample room for the kids to play.

How To Organize Toys With Creative QT Slide Away Bags

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How To Organize Toys With The Large Slide Away 

The large slide away is perfect for storing larger toys, such as blocks, Lego bricks, dolls, and baby toys. Try to only keep one type of toy in the slide away so that the kids know exactly what is stored in the bin. That way you don’t get too much clutter. And there are exceptions to that though. Baby toys would be perfect to play with and then simply slide away the toys when the baby isn’t playing. Or all the items the kids use to create a city, like blocks, cars, trucks and action figures. 

To use, lay out the large mat. Place all the items you want to store in the slide away bin on the large mat. Let the kids enjoy themselves. 

Then to clean up, grab to two bungee cords on the mat and slowly pull the bungees as you lift the mat up into the attached bin. Once all the toys are inside the bin, stuff the mat on top. Add the lid and your room is all tidy!

slide away bag with all the toys on the mat from creative qt

Organizing Toys With The Travel Slide Away

The travel slide away bag is great when you need something for on the go. We use them on road trips to store markers or dolls or Lego bricks. Take out the mat from inside the bag. Add your items to the mat. Then pull the drawstring to slide all the items into the bag. Then pull the additional drawstring to keep everything inside the travel slide away bag.

using the slide away to clean up toys


My Other Favorite Creative QT Products

I am a huge fan of Creative QT products, and have shared them with you over the years.

The Stuff N Sit is the best way to store stuffed animals in a small space. You can read more about that here.

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The Peel and Stick Baseplates that are Lego compatible are one of my favorites. You can turn basically anything into a Lego-compatible table. You can read how we did that here.

DIY Lego Table Portable Tutorial

These products are amazing for anyone looking to transform your space at home! So hop on over to Creative QT‘s site to snag some of their incredible products!



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