3 different size acylic canisters holding beads to demonstrate how to store pearler beads and other small bead supplies for kids #artorganization #shoplikeaprofessional
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How To Store Pearler Beads So Your Kids Can Actually Use Them

Learn the easiest way to store Pearler Beads that kids can actually use! Professional organizer shares how to store beads that looks pretty and functional.

I am all about keeping things simple. I really don’t want a lot of fuss, especially when it comes to organizing kids’ things. Because, let’s face it, they do better when things are easy! This comes to everything from their clothing to their school supplies to their art supplies. So I found an easy way to store kids’ Pearler Beads (or any other tiny bead they may be into) that do not involve that giant tub, those uncovered trays, and the cardboard backing packages! Those packages never last and you always end up with the beads all over the floor.

How To Store Pearler Beads (Or Any Other Tiny Beads) So Your Kids Can Actually Use Them

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Where To Start When Organizing Tiny Beads Like Pearler Beads Or Water Beads

I recommend rounding up all the Pearler Beads, Water Beads, Pony Beads, really any tiny bead you may have lying around.  When we are working with organizing clients we usually find them in a few places like in the basement, in cabinets or closets, or on an art cart or shelf. See how many you actually have, because the amount may surprise you!! Those tiny beads do somehow multiply!

Once you get an idea of how many beads you have, you can find the right size products for you to use to store all those beads. Think of this as “inventory”. It will help you shop for the sizes that will actually hold all the beads and their supplies. Just kind of eyeball how many of each type of bead you have. When you store them, you will want to keep each type of bead together, making it easy for the kids to find and use exactly what they want, when they want them.

Products I Love For Storing Tiny Beads

When we create art room organization for clients, I always recommend using the Bliss Acrylic Canisters from The Container Store. These canisters are acrylic so you don’t have to worry about the kids’ breaking them. Because they have a lid, they are less likely to spill…because we all know there is a chance no matter how they are stored!!

The Bliss Acrylic Canisters are located in the bath section! Seriously!! I have also used these canisters to hold crayons, markers, paints, and other art supplies for kids since they are acrylic. The lids sit right on top of the canister so there is no pulling or shaking off. This is perfect because if they can’t open it easily, then the beads always end up all over the floor!

I love that the kids can see directly into the canisters so there is no guessing what is inside. Plus you don’t have to worry about labeling the canisters since they can see inside!

The canisters come in a variety of sizes, which is why you need to do “inventory” before you arrive at The Container Store. Just for reference, the large Bliss Acrylic Canister can hold one small activity bucket of the Pearler Beads.

How To Store Beads

Start by pouring one type of bead into one of the Bliss Acrylic Canisters. You can either roll up paper to create a funnel, use an actual funnel, or use your hands to pour into the canister. Repeat until all the bead types are stored in their own canisters. I also recommend using the canisters to hold the supplies, like the Pearler Beads patterns or the string to make necklaces.

My daughter doesn’t use all the beads for the same type of project, which is why I think it is best to sort them into type. We have the Pearler Beads in one large canister. The Pearler Beads patterns are in the middle size canister. I used 1 small canisters for her Pony Beads and another small canister for her Alphabet Square Beads. Since she doesn’t have a lot of the accessories to make necklaces, I kept those supplies in a small canister as well.

If you have a large mess of beads like I did, dump all the beads out onto a tray and started sorting the beads into their different types by dropping them directly into the canister. It did take a little time, but was well worth it since they are all sorted into the types of beads.

Display the Bliss Acrylic Canisters on an art cart, on a shelf, or keep in a cabinet.

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3 different size acylic canisters holding beads to demonstrate how to store pearler beads and other small bead supplies for kids #artorganization #shoplikeaprofessional

Teaching Kids How To Use Bliss Acrylic Canisters

Make sure you teach the kids how to use the new bead storage system you created. This is the easiest part to get overlooked, but the most important to keep up with. When teaching kids how to use a new organizational system, I have the kids select a type of bead they want to use. I demo how to remove it from the spot (either art cart of shelf). Then I have the kids take the beads off their storage spot. We talk about what they should do next. They play with the beads for a little. Then I walk them through how to put the beads away.

It really helps hold them accountable when playing with the beads! Plus, most kiddos do really well with clearly defined rules for using specific things, so bead work is no different!

3 different size canisters that are all acrylic so you can see inside. One is full of pearler beads, one is pearler bead patterns, and one is pony beads. #organized

Start by taking “inventory” of all the beads you have throughout your home. Go to The Container Store to find the Bliss Acrylic Canisters in the bathroom section. Sort all the beads into different canisters. Teach the kids how to use the canisters so they can keep up with the organizational system you created!

Acrylic jars holding small beads like pearler beads and pony beads with text overly that says how to store tiny beads so your kids can actually use them #kidsorganization

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