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Do These Laundry Room Storage Ideas Still Hold Up?

Want to know if a space actually stayed organized? I am sharing laundry room storage ideas in our small laundry room!

Two years ago, I shared 3 Insanely Easy Ways To Create Laundry Room Storage. Now these tips were really popular. I mean, The Container Store shared them on their blog! So you know they were a hit! But how do these three easy ways to create laundry room storage hold up over the years? I am sharing that plus ways you can modify these tips to work for you.

shelf with laundry detergents and glass jars to showcase how to create laundry room storage in a small laundry room

Laundry Pods In The Laundry Room

My very first tip was to use glass jars to store laundry pods when organizing your laundry room. You know, those pods that you drop into the laundry that hold the detergent. Well, I found that those pods don’t clean as well as the liquid detergent, so we stopped using them. Which means that the organizing storage tool I was using, a glass jar, wasn’t needed any more for the pods

But I did find that using the glass jars to hold the powders worked really well. Since the glass jars have a seal, the products stay fresh!

So what I recommend instead is that you have a shelf that holds your detergents. If you have wire shelves, then try using shelf liner to keep things from getting wobbly on the shelf. I love these shelf liners for that reason!

utilizing wall space in small laundry room jayce grid system

Dryer Balls

So after storing the dryer balls in a glass jar on a high shelf, I quickly realized that is wasn’t very easy to get the balls in and out of the jar. So I switched them onto a wire shelf. This made life so much easier because when you are using the dryer balls every time you are in the laundry room, you need things quick and easy. This system I used is called the Jayce system from iDesign. I love that you can add parts to make the grid system work for your space. 

The wire basket is perfect for the dryer balls. And the iron holder is great for holding the iron! And the drying rack helps for our clothes since we don’t have space anywhere else in the room for a rack to hang!

Glass jars on a bakers rack with hot pink lettering to demonstrate how to create laundry room storage in a small space

Garment Bags

The garment bags are the only item that is still in the glass jars in our laundry room. Because we don’t use them as often, this works well for us. I can also hang the garment bags on the grid system to let them dry. So it is a perfect solution for us. 

Since the jar is so large, it actually holds a lot of the garment bags. Which is great because we have bags that are meant for bras and others for underwear and socks. It really helps keep everything tidy.

These budget-friendly laundry room organization ideas for small spaces will help anyone with a tiny laundry area get organized and make it look pretty at the same time! #laundryroom #organize #decor

Laundry Room Storage Ideas

So this laundry room storage did last, just in a different way than I expected. We ended up keeping the powder items in the glass jars. The dryer balls worked best in a wire basket. And the garment bags stayed in the glass jars. To create laundry room storage ideas, start by grouping all like items together. Then storing them so they are easy to get to. What I found is that when things are in hard to reach locations, you are less likely to use them or put them away. 

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