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How To Maximize Organization In Your Garage

Garage organization tips to help you keep things tidy without the hassle.

Your garage has the potential to be a haven for your cars and other belongings, but it can quickly become a mess. It might be challenging to find enough space for everything. If you’re hoping to clean out your home this year, read this guide to learn how to maximize organization in your garage. You’ll discover creative ways to store your belongings and prevent messes from happening again.

1. Find Extra Mason Jars

Many families have workbenches in their garages because it’s a useful way to take care of home improvement projects. But they can become eyesores when supplies are left scattered around. Take care of the clutter by finding a few extra mason jars around your house. They can hold loose parts like nails, screws, and washers. When they line up along the back of your workbench, the jars will also add personality to your garage.

2. Hang Bikes on the Walls

Does your family have a bicycle collection taking up valuable space on your garage floor? Take care of the problem in minutes by using a wall mount to hang your bikes on the walls. Whether you have enough space to hang them by their tires or put them flush against the wall, you’ll gain more room in your garage for whatever you need to store.

3. Add Overhead Storage

Some homes have small garages with tall ceilings. If that’s the case with your home, add overhead storage by building a staircase and a second-story platform. You’ll create an attic space without building an addition. Depending on your existing skills and who you know, you may be able to finish this project without paying a contractor, too.

4. Build Open Shelving

Open shelving is a popular interior design feature, so try adding it to your garage. The shelves can hold everything from basketballs to shoes to power tools. Think about what you need to organize and how wide the shelves would have to be to become permanent storage for your belongings.

5. Slice a Pool Noodle

People who love to fish will have a few rods at their disposal. You’d never want your loved one to throw out their favorite fishing rods, but they can be awkward to store because of their shape. That’s when you need a pool noodle. Adhere the pool noodle horizontally on the wall and cut slices into the side a few inches apart. Then, tuck your rods into the slits to organize them along your wall by size or purpose. They’ll stay upright so you can use your garage floor or closet for whatever else you have in mind. This hack can also work for brooms, baseball bats, or any similar shaped items that you don’t know how to store. 

6. Use a Label Maker

A brand-new label maker will transform your garage. You won’t have to sort through the giant bins holding your seasonal decor just to find something specific. Label each container to keep things organized. When your garage project ends, the label maker can help around the house by sticking labels on everything from spices to craft supplies.

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Maximize Organization in Your Garage

Your garage doesn’t have to remain an eyesore entrance to your home. Use these tips to figure out how to maximize organization in your garage and keep it clean. No matter what types of clutter currently make the space messy, you’ll find the best strategies to transform it into something that makes you proud.

Author Bio: Cora Gold is the Editor-in-Chief of women’s lifestyle magazine Revivalist. When she’s not writing about style and beauty, she loves finding new inspiration to spruce up her home. Follow Cora on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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