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How To Organize Doll Accessories

When doll stuff takes over, you need a plan. So The Organized Kids are showing you how to organize doll accessories to keep it all tidy!

One big question I get asked frequently is how to organize doll accessories like play food, shoes, hats, scooters, bikes, etc. These types of toys can be tricky, especially if the set is expensive and have little parts. So The Organized Kids are going to show you how to keep those items tidy. This way you can keep the doll accessories organized and the kids can easily play with them as well.

How To Organize Doll Accessories

Start by collecting all your doll accessories. This includes those oversized items too. Now there are two ways to proceed from here. You can either start sorting the doll accessories by type and storing them by category. Or you can just put all the things together in bins. These options are strictly for the smaller doll accessories. The larger accessories will be covered below.

Both options are perfect as long as you can keep up with it for the smaller accessories. Just make sure things don’t get misplaced by storing in a bin that is too large for all the items.

Storing By Category

When you sort by category, you need to make sure you label each bin for each category so it stays organized. When things aren’t labeled, they won’t stay tidy. You can group all the food items together. All the shoes together. The special kits can be stored together. Just keep categories together to make it easy to clean up. 

Storing All Together

When you store the doll accessories together, the kiddos can just throw all the items together in a bin and clean up quickly. This works well if your child doesn’t care where things go and just want to play. Storing all the items together also helps when other children are playing with the accessories together. When you say clean up, your child doesn’t have to explain how to clean up. Everyone knows what to do.

What To Do With The Big Items?

Now that we covered the small doll accessories, we are going to cover what to do with the medium-sized doll accessories. These are the items that can fit in a bin or drawer. Things like scooters, baby carriers, hair dresser chairs, carts, etc. For these items, I suggest storing in a large bin. This way all the doll stuff is organized together. The kids can take the bin out to play. Then they can throw all the items back into the bin to clean up.

The much larger items like the beds, tents, desks, etc, should have a space to store on the floor. I like creating a corner for all the items to go so the kids can have a little community for their doll stuff. By keeping all the items together, the kiddos can easily play and clean up without you worrying about stuff getting misplaced. I mean, there is so much stuff, it makes sense to store it all together.

More Ideas For Organizing Doll Stuff

Now not all doll stuff is covered in this post. So I have some suggestions for you on how to store other doll items.

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Products We Love

When it comes to organizing doll accessories, there are some products that just work better than others. I love these products to keep things organized. Figure out how much of the doll accessories you have, then find a product that can contain the items you already have. Getting something too big will lead to the kids’ dumping all the stuff inside. Something too small, and nothing will go back in that spot. So finding the perfect sized bin takes a little bit of time to truly assess what you have.

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