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The Best Way To Organize Toys In Small Spaces

The best ways for organizing toys in small spaces is covered with easy things parents and children can do to keep thing tidy.

Toys can easily take over any space in your home. Especially when you have smaller spaces that the toys are supposed to go. Which is why The Organized Kids are going to show you how to organize toys in small spaces!


The first step to organizing toys in small spaces is to declutter toys that are no longer of use. Think of it as toys the kids aren’t playing with. Watch your kids and write down what toys they are playing with. Then get rid of the rest of those toys.

Or toys that aren’t open-ended. Open-ended toys are the toys that can be used for many purposes like blocks, cars and trucks, dolls, Magna-Tiles and Lego bricks. When the kids can do many things with one toy, that is considered open-ended. Battery-operated toys are not considered open-ended because they interrupt focus and lack imagination. 

You can get my free kids’ declutter checklist below to help you declutter the toys with ease.



Once you have decluttered all the toys, it is time to focus on how to store those toys. When working in small spaces, I recommend using bins or baskets that are easy for the kids to use. Nothing heavy or bulky. Read my tips for how to store kids toys below.

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Some of my favorite items to store are listed below:

Organizing Toys In Small Spaces

When it comes to organizing toys in small spaces, make sure you declutter the toys you don’t want or need. Keep toys open-ended so the kids can use their imagination more. Remember battery-operated toys are not open-ended…plus they are annoying so just don’t keep them! Store the toys in bins or baskets that are easy for the kids to use. Then teach the kids how to keep everything tidy. And you have a space that is organized, no matter the size!

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