Do you ever find your freezer overflowing with stuff?? It can be so tricky to keep freezers organized. Whether it is those deep pull-out drawers or the side-by-side freezers that just aren’t as big as you need. So how can you get your freezer organized??? By using freezer containers!!

Now, while this may seem like a silly investment, freezer containers can actually save you money. Because when your freezer is organized, you aren’t wasting money on buying multiple items. And you aren’t throwing away food because you never ate it. Plus, it will save you time because you aren’t searching for food buried deep in your freezer!!

Because freezer containers can be pricey, I complied a giant list of my favorite freezer containers at all price points!!

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Freezer Drawers

Now keeping all those deep freezers organized needs a few tools. Like if those freezer companies would actually talk to a professional organizer, this is what I would tell them…add more dividers!! Boxes don’t take up that much room when stored standing up. So add some more dividers and you will have more space to store things! But, since they didn’t ask me, I have a few favorites that can help you get your deep freezer organized.

First, I would recommend bins to keep in the drawer to keep things grouped together. Store like food items in bins together. For example, store all frozen chicken in one bin, while another is for all burgers. Use another bin for frozen veggies. Use the top drawer for boxes while the bottom can hold the meats and veggies. Those freezer bags of frozen food can easily be contained using a bin so they don’t end up lying all over other foods! These bins are my favorites because they hold up really well in the freezer, and I have yet to have a client complain that it is difficult to clean!!



Side-By-Side Freezers

We have a side-by-side freezer, so I know a thing or two about keeping it organized. The first thing is to group your items. If you have drawers, use those for storing similar items like meats or breads. The door space should be used for items that can fluctuate in temperature like ice packs, popsicles, or frozen veggies. Those items can withstand small changes in temperature, while your meats need to stay at a consistent temperature to stay fresh. Use the shelves to store boxes. I love keeping those boxes organized with bins or trays as freezer containers. It just helps when someone pulls something out. That way not all the boxes fall on the floor.




I am a very big fan of reusable bags. We are trying to go more “plastic free” in our house, so I found some freezer bags that really hold up! (I shared my tips for how to store them here, because they do take up a lot of space in your drawer.) But they do the best when they are stored in a container in the freezer. It just helps keep things tidy. These freezer bags are some of my favorite because they don’t get the freezer burn like others that don’t seal as tightly. I do have to note that our favories are the Stashers and Food Saver!



When someone in your home has a gluten allergy, it can be tricky to ensure the kitchen is safe for them to eat. But if you follow these tricks from professional organizer The Organized Mama, you can easily organize your kitchen for any gluten free diet! #glutenfree #organizing #fridge

Plastic Freezer-Safe Tupperware

Not all Tupperware is freezer safe. Some plastics do decompose in the freezer, so make sure yours are freezer-friendly. The freezer-safe plastics will have a label to let you know they can go in the freezer. Make sure you check for any freezer container you purchase, so you aren’t wasting money on a Tupperware that isn’t safe!! The ones listed below all are freezer-friendly!



Glass Tupperware

We use glass Tupperware, and have since the kids were babies. I personally find them easier to maintain and don’t have to worry about the plastic, especially when we are reheating something. Plus, you can write on them using a Wine Pen with the date and what is inside so things don’t get forgotten! But to store them, I typically like keeping them in a drawer. I know it sounds crazy!! But I start by putting the lids on the Tupperware, then placing them in the drawer like I was playing a game of Tetris. I shared how I store my glass Tupperware and other kitchen drawer organization here.

If you don’t have a drawer that would hold the Tupperware, I still recommend storing the glass Tupperware with lids on. Stack them in a cabinet with the largest Tupperware on the bottom and smallest on the top. Adjust your shelves so that they are lower so the stack of Tupperware isn’t so high. I shared how I stored them in our old kitchen here.



freezer drawers divided up into categories such as meats, chicken, and bags for freezer container organization

No matter how you go about setting it up, freezer containers are a must!! They help keep your drawers organized by dividing up those large sections and creating a system for storing meats, veggies, fruits, and more. The bins help with the side-by-side freezers to hold boxes, bags, and other freezer items that would otherwise fall out or get lost in the back. Baggies are helpful for storing items, but work the best when they are contained in a freezer organizer. Tupperware that is freezer-friendly is also a great option for freezer containers because they stack so well and can be written on using a Wine Pen!

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a round up of high and low priced freezer containers overlay on a freezer drawer broken into categories with meats in one open drawer and other with bags of frozen veggies #freezer

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