So it’s August, which means it is time to think about back to school!! Crazy, huh?!?!  I always have mixed emotions about back to school, because it is sad that summer is coming to an end, but it’s also nice to get back into a “normal” routine again. We have been living out of laundry baskets the past few months, because we have been spending all out time outside!  I haven’t taken the time to put the kids’ clothes back in their drawers.  But it is time to get back in that habit again. In order to get things organized, I need to set up the drawers to make it easy for the kids to find their clothes, along with keeping things easy for me when putting away the clothes! So I have tips for getting kids clothes ready for back to school.


Where To Start With Organizing Kids Clothes For Back To School

For smaller kids clothing, I like putting them in shoe boxes. For older kids I like using drawer dividers. I have found that when you keep the clothing contained, it helps keep things organized in the drawer and helps the kids find what they are looking for.

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Folding Clothing For Back To School

put away shirt

 At first I thought that folding clothing standing up was more of a waste, until I actually tried it.  It has saved me time and money because I can see everything in my drawers, rather than just the top few items.  There are a few ways you can fold the clothes, but I am going to be showing you how I fold my kids’ clothes.

1. Take shirt and place it with the label on the ground.

2. Fold one arm side in to the center, about a third of the shirt.

3. Fold the other side in to make another third.

4. Taking the neckline of the shirt, fold down about a third of the shirt.

5. Take the bottom of the shirt and fold it about a third of the shirt.

6. The shirt should be able to stand up!

7. Place in shoe box.

8. Repeat for all shirts.

How To Fold Shirts

More Tips On Getting Kids Clothes Ready For Back To School

To fold shorts, I fold them from the waistband.  I fold over about a third.  Then fold another third of the shorts.

For pants, I fold them in half.  Then I take the bottom and the top of the pants and fold them to touch each other, which is about a fourth of the pants.  Then I fold again.

I like to think “one-third, one-third, fold, fold” for shirts.  And “fold, touch, fold” for pants.

Now that you have ALL my tricks for getting the clothing ready for school, it is your turn to start setting up the kids’ drawers, folding clothes, and getting back-to-school ready!!