Digital clutter can be just as bad as paper clutter. It’s not as noticeable because it is all stored in a place you can close and hide away.

But digital clutter is still clutter, so you have to tackle it at some point, so why not start now?? These easy-to-follow tips will break it down for you to effectively organize computer files.

how to organize computer files to eliminate digital clutter #clutter #digital How To Organize Computer Files By Eliminating Digital Clutter

Create Files

This is the easiest way to organize computer files… by creating files to store documents! Think of it like you would a paper filing system. You typically have a file for health, house, bills, work, etc. Do the same with your digital files. Create a digital filing system!

Title Documents

Whenever you title a document in your computer, make sure that it is searchable. I recommend this because if you forget the exact name of a file, you can always search your computer to see what shows up. I like to title the document then add a hyphen with other key words I might think to call said document. That way it will show up in a search if I forget where I stored it.

Digital Pictures

All those digital pictures can be a beast to get organized. The best way to start is by creating folders. You can make folders based on events, dates, or individuals. I create based on events. It helps me when I am searching for pictures to use and share!

For more digital picture organization ideas, check out this post:

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To organize emails, I would set up folders for important things like online bills, notices, receipts, and other things you want to keep. This helps with searching for things when you may need them!

I know that organizing computer files can seem like a major task, but if you sit down and start creating files, make your documents searchable, sort your digital pictures, and create folders for emails with important information, you will get your digital clutter eliminated!!