How To Organize Pictures On Your Computer

Sep 20, 2016 | Organizing

So I have wanted to write this post for a while, but I have been dragging my feet to actually sit down and write it.  Why??  Well, because I actually need to do what I am saying you should do in order to get all my photos organized on my computer.

Like, I have to actually take the time to look at ALL the adorable pictures of my kiddos, and sort them into files.

Because I won’t write something that I don’t actually do.  I don’t roll that way.  So if I say that you should get your photos organized on your computer, you bet your tush I will do the same.


How To Organize Pictures On Your Computer

Now, where to start when you have over 11.000 pictures on your computer… I’m not counting the pictures I have on an external hard drive!

Create Folders


Well, you start by creating some general folders within your photo library.  I will start by creating folders for each family member.  These folders are where I will put all our selfies and individual photos of each family member.  I also will create a folder for the dog, because I take a lot of pictures of him too!  And I created an album that will hold pictures of both kids together.

Start Moving Photos Into Family Folders

Start at the very beginning of your photo library and start adding pictures of your family into the different family albums.  If you are using iPhoto, just drag your picture into the designated album.  You can also click “command” and select multiple photos to drag and drop into an album.

Add Folders As You Go


As you start going through photos, you might find that you have some holidays, events, or other groupings of photos that will go together.  Add folders as you go with the different topics together.

If I notice that there are multiple people in a photo, I might move that photo into two different albums so I can find it easily.  It’s like cross-referencing your photos!

Delete, Delete, Delete


As you start to go through pictures, you might find some really bad pictures.  Like pictures you kids took on your phone that is now on your computer, because “the cloud”.  Delete those pictures if they aren’t cute or funny.

My son like to take pictures of the carpet so I had a roll of like 12 photos of his carpet in his bedroom.  I just deleted them all so they aren’t taking up space on my computer!  Honestly wouldn’t have known they were there unless I started to clean them out!

Keeping It Up

This entire process might time time.  Like a few days.  I will be honest, I am still working on organizing the pictures!  But it feels soooooo good to have them started!

Now, when I upload new photos, I will just drop those few into the different folders so I don’t have to keep spending large amounts of time on organizing my photos!


My goal for the rest of this week is to slowly, but consistently, put the photos into folders.  I will also delete the unwanted photos.  And I will print off some photos!  I have been so bad about printing off photos because it seemed too overwhelming, but now they they are (mostly) organized, I can see what cute pictures I have of our family!!

My challenge to you is to start organizing your photos on your computer.  Follow the steps above to help you get started!

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The Organized Mama

The Organized Mama

My name is Jessica and I am the founder and editor of The Organized Mama. I was born and raised in Minnesota and currently live in Illinois. I graduated Indiana University with a degree in elementary education. I decided to share my tips and tricks to keeping things organized in hopes of helping people stay organized with little ones. I am in the process of becoming a professional organizer to help assist families in keeping households organized. At The Organized Mama, you will find ways to keep organized, stay crafty and, most of all, enjoy motherhood!


  1. patricia

    I have picasa as photo program and I’d like to use something else . Any suggestions for a better program I should look into?

    • superadmin

      Some of my favorites are chatbooks (because you get the actual print book without even thinking about it), or just create folders in dropbox to organize them (similar style to an actual photo box with categories). Hope that helps!

  2. Laura Lange

    Hey Jess! Love your blog! I have my photos on my computer but am thinking of backing them up. Any ideas on where/how to back them up? The thought of it is so daunting! Thanks!

    • superadmin

      Great question! I don’t have a one-size-fits-all when it comes to backing them up. I personally use an external hard drive. My husband uses Drop Box. I have recommended to clients to store in other places as well, like Shutterfly!

  3. Patsy

    I have oh feet 44000 pics organized and EVERY photo named! I have been doing this since 2005 but did not start renaming each photo till 2014. I was organizing by year month and then date. But just a couple weeks ago I saw somebody show a different folder structure so I have switched mine all up. Now it is so much easier when you remember a photo for me to go find it because who remembers the actual date they took it on but you remember the experience. So you have to come up with a folder structure that makes sense in your mind for it to work the best for you. But thanks to Linda Sattgast my phone pictures have being being renamed since 2014 and that made them easier to put into my new folder structure.

    • superadmin

      That’s such a great tip!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Qurechi

    Falling in love with your blog day by day, I am searching for Digital photo frame that sync with my laptop via Wifi. any suggestion?. I fed up with old static photo frames.

    • The Organized Mama

      I am not sure but I will look into it!!



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