Oh the mornings. Some people can get up and get going. While others need to take their time to rise. I have been getting better about getting myself up, with coffee in hand lately. But my kids are always dragging in the morning. They move from their bed to the couch to the kitchen. Kind of like sloths. In slow motion. So when we only have a few minutes left before we have to leave, it is complete chaos. And we always forget something because we are rushing out the door. So I needed to combat this by completely changing the kids daily routines so we can get out the door with less chaos.

Make Your Ideal Routine

In your mind, what does the perfect morning look like? If everything were to run smoothly, what would happen? What is the sequence of the morning? 

Write that down!! That is where you are going to start planning your new morning routine. Once you have an idea of where you want to start, you can begin changing what you currently are doing to work into your ideal plan.

I like to look at my ideal plan and cross off anything that doesn’t need to happen in the morning. Like everything that we can do the night before. Maybe it is packing lunches the night before. Or picking out outfits. Whatever you can do ahead of time will help you stick to your new routine.

Only Do What Is Necessary

Put the new daily routine down on paper and number the items based on how you want the kids to complete them. I do this so I can see the order before I write it on the morning routine checklist.

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How To Create A Kids Morning Routine Chart with Free Printable

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Use My Free Checklist To Write It Down

Then write down your new routine on my free morning routine printable. These printables include the picture routine and the checklist you can write on. Both routines are perfect for any age when you are looking to change the kids daily routines to better fit your mornings.


I like to laminate the checklists.

With the written checklist, the kids can use whiteboard markers to cross off their routines. You can read more here.

With the picture routine, you can laminate all the items. Then add velcro to the back of the pictures to move around the board. Young children love doing this. You can read more tips for creating this here.

morning routine back to school checklist

Teach The Kids Daily Routines

Now while I love pretty things, I also need them to be functional. So you can’t just laminate the checklist and expect the kids to follow it. You have to teach them what to do with it.

When you are teaching the kids their new daily routines, I want you to think about how you like changing your schedule. 

For me, I have to have Post-It notes for every new thing I am attempting to change in the location I need to change it. My kids like carrying around the clipboard with a whiteboard marker to check it off as they go. Maybe you need a sticker for completing the checklist every day. 

Whatever works best for your family, do that. Keep pointing the kids’ back to their checklists to keep them on track. 

Hold Everyone Accountable For New Routine

Now you aren’t just changing the kids daily routines, you are also changing your routines as well. So you are going to have to hold yourself accountable for following through on these new routines you put in place. This is the tricky part. So what I like to do is to give myself a reward for each day we complete our new daily routine. 

My reward is an extra cup of coffee!

child holding clipboard with morning routine on clipboard to demonstrate how to change kids daily routines

Changing Kids Daily Routines

When you are changing kids daily routines, you need to start with a plan for what you want the morning to look like. Then remove everything that doesn’t need to be done in the morning. Only keep what has to get done in the morning on your daily routines checklist. Print off my free checklist and use whichever one works for your kiddos. I suggest laminating that checklist so you can use it over and over again. Teach the kids how to use their new checklists. Then hold everyone accountable for the new routines. Reward yourself because you deserve it!