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Playroom Organization The Pros Don’t Want You To Know

I am sharing all my playroom organization secrets that I use for in-home clients. These are secrets organizing experts use to organize toys.

Playroom organization. Every parent I have encountered wants tips on this topic. Whether it be how to organize the toys for little kiddos or how to make a playroom transition into a sitting area for older kids, playroom organization is a big topic. So I am breaking down my playroom organization secrets.

Toys taking over? Check out these 6 easy steps to declutter kids toys and keep them organized from a professional organizer! #toyorganization #kidsdecor #declutter

Toy Organization For Little Kid Toys

When my kiddos were younger, I tried a lot of toy organization strategies that other bloggers and organizers were sharing. Some worked for us and some didn’t. Because my kids were close in age, some things worked better than others. When I would set up playrooms for my clients, I would always look at the age of the kids and decide which organizing system I should use for their toys. So start looking at age of kids and interest in toys. Then decide which one of these toy organization ideas would work for your home!

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Organizing Toys For Bigger Kids

Now that the kids are older, I can organize the toys in a different way. We can have bins with more types of toys in it since their interests are changing. 

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playroom with The Container Store cubes and 3 Sprouts bins holding different categories of toys #organized

Lego Storage For Playroom Organization

My kids love Lego bricks. So we have a lot of them. And over the years, we have created different ways to organize those bricks. We started by putting Lego sets in baggies. Then we ended up using portfolio bins to hold the bricks. Which led to us color-coding the bricks per the kiddos request. 

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sorting legos on shelving with lego creations on top of shelving

Stuffed Animal Organization Ideas

I cannot create a list of playroom organization ideas without including stuffed animals. These toys are something every playroom has. Yet finding the best ways to store them can be tricky. So I have some ideas that you can use in your playroom.

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More Playroom Organization Resources You May Enjoy

These playroom organization ideas are sure to help you create order in your home. But if you aren’t finding exactly what you need to get the playroom organized, try one of these resources below.

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