Those piles of laundry that are taking over your bedroom, living room, dining room, floors…what are you to do about all of that?? Well, I have 3 easy laundry hacks that actually work for the entire family to keep that laundry organized! These laundry hacks are the best ways to get your family’s laundry under control once and for all.

3 Laundry Hacks That Actually Work

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Have Separate Bins For Dirty And Clean Clothing

I know this sounds crazy, but having separate bins for clean clothing and dirty clothing is a game-changer. The reason being is that you don’t have to empty the clean laundry basket right away since you have a different laundry basket for dirty clothing. Meaning you should never have clothes lying around on the ground because you don’t have storage!

For us, I use stackable laundry baskets for our dirty clothing and mesh baskets for our clean clothing. 

Keep Everyone’s Laundry Separate

Another laundry hack that has been a life saver for us is to keep everyone’s clothing separate. This helps limit the amount of time I have to take to sort through everyone’s clothing. Now I do each family member’s wash individually once a week, typically on a Saturday. And I do another wash with everyone’s clothing during the week, typically on a Wednesday. The amount of time I have to spend sorting the clothing is more than it takes to fold the clothes. So we are trying to limit doing wash to one time a week for that reason!

Everyone Put Away Own Clothing

Since I have been washing everyone’s clothing separately like I shared in the second laundry hack, it makes sense that everyone should put away their own clothing. Now my kids have been putting away their clothes for a while now and I have some tricks to help you get yours to  put their clothing away. I shared all this information in this blog post, but I am going to give you some bullet points to help ease the transition to “being a big kid and putting away your laundry”.

Stick With One System for Each Kid

Both of my kids have similar clothing organization in their closets. The reason being is that I wanted them to have the ability to see all of their clothing. So we file-fold all the clothes in the kids’ drawers. They are responsible for folding and putting away. We kept the file folding system so that they can see what they have without dumping everything out to find that one pink shirt they love.

Keep It Easy

Since you have one system you need to make sure that system is easy. For us, my kids are capable of folding so it is easy for them. We roll their shorts and pants, which they can do. Because this is an easy task they can complete, they can stick with it for the long run.

Let The Small Stuff Go

If you are a perfectionist like myself, then it may be difficult to let the messy go. But if you want to limit the amount of time you are spending on laundry, then you just have to be ok with shirts folded imperfectly. Or pants not rolled the right way. But when you do let go of those small things, then your kids will feel more empowered to keep up with organizing their rooms. And isn’t that what you wanted all along??

laundry in bedroom with one basket for dirty clothing and the other for clean to demonstrate laundry hacks

Now you know my 3 laundry hacks that actually work! Start by getting separate bins for dirty clothes and clean clothes. This will limit the amount of clothing on the floor since everything has its own bin. Then keep everyone’s clothes separate. This will reduce the amount of time it will take you to sort all the clothing before you can actually put it away. Finally have everyone put away their own clothes. Set up a system that works for them and stick with it!