I have worked really hard to get our outside toys organized, but the weather just hasn’t been cooperating!  I shared some inspirational ideas for how I was planning on getting things organized a few weeks ago.  Well, it has been super rainy here in Chicago, so trying to get the toys organized has been a bit of a challenge since we can’t be outside as much as we’d like because it’s either raining, or the backyard is soaking wet.  So I have made some small strides in getting things organized.

Outdoor Toy Storage SolutionsFor starters, I moved all of our outside toys into the backyard.  We had some toys in the garage and some toys in the backyard, but it was getting to be incredibly difficult getting a toy for one child from the front of the house, while the other was playing in the backyard.  By moving everything to the backyard, I’m hoping to be able to keep everyone safe and all toys easy to reach.

Since all the toys are in the backyard, I needed more storage, than what we now have.  Right now, we have a patio box that holds the pillows for the outdoor seating, extra swings for the swing set, and toys.  But not all the toys were able to fit into the box, and it was rather difficult for the kids to get things that were at the bottom of the box.  I needed another storage solution.  I wanted to do something that was durable but not permanent, so I decided to attach milk crates to the fence using zip ties.

Outdoor Toy Storage Solutions - Zip TiesI found these milk crates at The Container Store.  Then, using zip ties we purchased for baby-proofing some things around the house, I tied the crates to the fence.  I made sure to hang the milk crates at a height that everyone could reach.

Outdoor Toy Storage Solutions - Ball StorageOne milk crate has all the sports balls that we are keeping in the backyard.  One milk crate has all the water toys.  And I turned one milk crate on its side to store some sporting equipment such as baseball bats, tennis rackets, hockey sticks and cones.

Outdoor Toy Storage Solutions - Baskets On FenceI am still keeping some of the larger toys like trucks, sprinklers, and some bigger water toys in the patio box.  But now I have more room for things to store in the patio box, and I don’t have to worry about someone falling into the patio box to get a toy they really needed to play with!

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