I have slowly been getting the house back together after our kitchen renovation.  I decided to take things slow because along with organizing, there were some decorating things I needed to figure out.  So, rather than rush into decorating decisions, I decided to take it slow.

My goal is that by the end of the month, the kitchen will be totally organized and decorated!

When we were able to move back into the house, I put things away where I thought might make sense.  But, after living with things in certain places, we decided that they needed to move.  So I moved bowls, silverware, and spices around.

Organize Under Kitchen Sink

Now I think things are where they are going to stay, so I am slowly getting them organized in their new homes.

I decided to start with under the kitchen sink.  It wasn’t really disorganized, but it wasn’t very tidy.  In our old kitchen, I had a wonderful system that worked really well, so I just needed to tweak some things to get under this kitchen sink tidy.

Line Drawer or Shelf

I originally had the cabinet lined, but the garbage disposal wasn’t installed properly, so water leaked everywhere!  I had to remove the lining and never put it back.  Oops!

Things like that are why I always suggest lining drawers and shelves.  It saved our cabinet some water damage because the liner soaked much of the initial water.

And, if you keep things like cleaning supplies under the sink, it helps prevent marks on your cabinets.

I use wrapping paper for most of my liners because I can easily swap them out.  Measure your drawer or shelf, then cut wrapping paper to that size.  Set the paper into your drawer or on your shelf and put your items on top!

Organize Under Kitchen Sink


Whenever you are tweaking an organizational project you completed, all you have to do is look at each item and decide if you use it.  No need to empty the entire space!

Since I had lived with all the items under the sink for a while, I realized that I didn’t use some of the cleaning products.  I put them in the cleaning closet so they didn’t clutter up this space.

I also put my garbage bags in an empty wipe container, and hung up my rags using 3M hooks on the inside of the cabinet.

Give Everything A Home

Since this was a total tweak and tidy of the space under the kitchen sink, most of my items had a home.  My goal was to remove some of the products I didn’t use frequently.  Pretty much everything went back to its original home.

I am using a clear bin to store our sponges, and labeled it.

I also have an under sink organizer where my sponge bin goes under and my cleaning products go on the shelf.

Organize Under Kitchen Sink

This was a quick project to complete, as I just needed to add liner and take away a few products that were under the sink that I didn’t use frequently.  I also hung the cleaning cloths on the cabinet door, instead of keeping them draped over the bottles I used them for.  This was really helpful in keeping under the sink tidy!

So go look under your kitchen sink, and get it tidy by lining the drawer or shelf.  Then editing out the stuff you don’t use, and giving everything a “home”!

For more organizing tips, join our Get Organized Challenge going on now!!  Each week I am breaking down steps to get your home organized!