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10 Ways To Stay Organized In The Summer

Staying organized in the summer is so helpful when you follow these 10 tips. Pick a few that will work for you so you can be organized!

I love summer vacation. The kids are home. We are outside more. The sun is shining. Things just move slower. But keeping everything organized is a whole other story. Now I need order in my life to function. It is just something I have to have. And I think most parents need that in some way, shape, or form. So I am sharing my 10 ways to stay organized in the summer. Pick a few that work for you and feel organized all summer long!

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1. Make A Summer Bucket List

The best way to stay organized in the summer is to make a family bucket list of things you want to do during the summer months. Then you can create your plan for the summer based on that list. We like using a piece of construction paper to make our list.

To make a bucket list, write down all the things, activities, and experiences you want to do over the summer. Let’s say you want to go to the pool, write that down. Maybe go to a park. Or splash pad. Maybe have dinner outside. Whatever you want to do, write it down!

Then we use that list to schedule in activities throughout the entire summer. This way we can plan out everything we want to do over the course of the entire summer. And don’t have to rush to do all the things before school starts.

2. Keep All Sunscreen Together

Another helpful way to stay organized in the summer is to keep all your essentials together. Things like sunscreen, bug spray, and lotions. You can store those items near the most used door in your house. For us, it is our garage door. The kids constantly go in and out to play with neighbors or to go to places on our bucket list.

I like using containers to hold those items. My favorite containers are below.

3. Create a Drop Zone

A drop zone is an area for your stuff. So to keep it organized, give things specific spots. Maybe you have an area in your garage that you can line up laundry baskets. Give each laundry basket a label for each family member. Then teach the kids how to put their stuff into that basket. Maybe it is their shoes, backpacks, jackets. You name it, it can go in the basket to help keep the house organized.

Because you gave things a spot to be dropped, you don’t have to create something super difficult for the family. You can keep things tidy and easy for everyone to follow!

4. Find A Schedule That Works

One thing I have found super helpful is to stop taking on schedules that other people share! What I mean by this is there are so many people who have wonderful schedules that work perfect for them. But whenever I have tried it, I feel like a massive failure. So I have stopped trying other people’s schedules and been finding a schedule that works for me.

I start by writing down what we need to do. Then I use that list to create a schedule. I always include down time and rest time as a way to break up activities.

Find something that can work for you and your family. Nothing is perfect so find things that work, no matter what others are doing!

5. Camps That Spark Creativity

Another way to stay organized in the summer is having the kids attend summer camp. I loved camp growing up. Attending were some of my favorite memories growing up. So I want my children to have that same experience.

When looking for camps, we look for camps that spark creativity. Which is why we loved Camp Galileo. Camp Galileo offers STEAM-based camp activities. My kids attended this summer and they created robots. It was truly a magical experience for them!

Camp Galileo is located throughout the United States, so check locations.

6. Outdoor Kitchen

Since we are eating outside all the time over the summer, we needed to create an outdoor kitchen to keep things organized. To do this, I used a rolling cart and added kitchen items like napkins, utensils, cups, and other necessities we need when eating. When we are done, we can move the cart back inside. It is like a mobile kitchen!

I love this because no one is running back and forth from the inside kitchen to outside. We are able to put everything we need on the cart and bring it outside. So everyone can enjoy the meal.

7. Storage For Outdoor Toys

Another way to stay organized in the summer is to create storage for outdoor toys. Because when they are organized, it makes playing outside so much easier!

I like using different containers to hold outdoor toys. You can check out the blog posts for all my outdoor toy organizing ideas:

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8. On-The-Go Essentials

When the kids were younger, I created on-the-go bags. These bags had different activities the kids could do. Whether we were outdoors or somewhere else, these activities were the best for keeping the kids entertained. I highly recommend putting together an on-the-go bag similar to these for young kiddos.

9. Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Another way to keep yourself organized in the summer is to create a breakfast and lunch menu. It is just a piece of paper where you write down food options for the week. I like to do this because it keeps the kids and myself focused on a few meal options I can prep ahead of time. There is no more stressing about what to eat because you created a menu for the week. Change up the menu each week.

One week, I had waffles, donuts, sandwiches, quesadillas, chips, fruit, pretzels, and animal crackers as options. The kids could pick from those options. If they picked something else, they were responsible for making it. So I didn’t have to spend time making more food than I needed to.

10. Keep Things Simple

My last piece of advice for staying organized in the summer is to just keep things simple. Take the stress off of yourself. Enjoy your summer. You deserve to rest as well!

This post is sponsored by Camp Galileo. Some links contain affiliates.

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