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The Best Responsibility Chart For Kids

Learn how to create chores with the best responsibility chart so your kids can be held accountable to tasks around the house.

When it comes to keeping my kids on track, I have a few tricks I like to use. For one, we have specific responsibilities and chores for the kids. Chores are separate from responsibilities in our house because responsibilities are things the kids have to do like make their bed and put their plate by the table. Chores are things the kids get paid for doing like raking leaves and washing the windows. We decided to separate the two because we didn’t feel it made sense to pay them to do something that should be common courtesy. Because of that, I have the best responsibility chart for kids along with other tools to help hold them accountable.

The Best Responsibility Chart For Kids

Chores Vs. Responsibilities

I firmly believe that chores and responsibilities should be two totally separate things. In our house, chores, like washing the windows, watering the plants, or emptying the dishwasher, are optional and paid. Responsibilities are nonnegotiable tasks in certain areas of the house, like hanging up your coat when you come inside, putting away your dirty dishes, or making your bed. If you’re curious about the difference between chores and expectations, check out this blog post. 

We keep them separate. But not every family does. And that is ok. You have to do what works for you. So I suggest looking to see if you can separate the two in your home. If you can, then keep chores as tasks you pay, and responsibilities as things that are expected.

Responsibility Chart For Kids

One easy way to set up responsibilities is to use a responsibility chart for kids. I love the charts because the kids (and you) can see what they are suppose to be doing in different rooms. That is why I created the Kiddo Productivity Pack. This pack is carefully crafted to teach your kiddos how to feel productive during the day by teaching the kids responsibilities! This bundle is created to help guide kiddos to create routines, make checklists, and show gratitude daily! This is an instant download, so you can buy now and be planning in minutes! There are many designs so your kiddos can pick whichever print they like the best. That way you are getting their buy-in from the beginning with the chore charts and responsibility charts.

This bundle includes:

  • 4 morning/evening routine checklists to show responsibility for their day
  • 3 weekly task checklists
  • 6 uniquely designed gratitude journals
  • 9 uniquely designed weekly checklists

Get your bundle for only $5.99!

responsibility charts for kids

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