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What To Do With Kids Shoes And Shoe Organization Ideas

Need shoe organization ideas? I am breaking down my favorite tips and tricks for how to organize shoes for both grown up and kids.

It’s day 1 of the August Back To School Organization Challenge, and we are talking all about shoe organization ideas today.  Shoes can be super tricky to tackle when trying to organize them for your kiddos.  Why is it that when you need to find them quickly, they are never where they are suppose to be??

Today, your goal is to go through all of your kids shoes (and yours if you are up for the challenge), to see if which shoes you are going to keep, and which shoes you are going to donate.  Since we are going to be tackling many areas around the house, I suggest getting a large box to use as your donation station.  I am keeping mine in our garage so I have easy access to drop stuff into the box throughout the month.  At the end of the month, bring everything in your donation box to your local donation center!

Once you have gone through all the shoes, it’s time to check if the kiddos are in need of some new school shoes.  We are in definite need of new school shoes as the kiddos feet keep growing rather quickly!

What To Do With Kids Shoes And How To Organize Them

What To Do With Kids Shoes And How To Organize Them

My daughter has a ton of shoes, but when I cleared out the ones that don’t fit her anymore, I found that she has gym shoes, water shoes, boots, and Freshly Picked Moccs.  She really only needs another pair of gym shoes for the fall that are a half-size bigger than her current shoes.  My son only has gym shoes and water shoes.  All he needs is a pair of gym shoes for the fall.

Shoe Boxes For Shoe Organization Ideas

Since I know what I have to purchase for each child, I can either order online or go to the store!  But where will I be putting these shoes??  Well, we have built-in cubbies that are glorious.  There are spaces for each family member to have their own shoe storage.

What To Do With Kids Shoes And How To Organize Them - Drop Front Shoe BoxVia The Container Store

Containers For Shoe Organization Ideas

Besides cubbies, there are many options to make for easy organization of shoes.  Shoe containers can help keep shoes organized and easy to stack.  I love these Drop-Front Shoe Boxes from The Container Store.  Just open the box, push the shoes in, and BOOM!  Easy shoe storage.  Plus, you can add cute decals for each kiddo!  Another option that I love is HEMNES Shoe Cabinet from IKEA.  Super functional and easy to store shoes.  Finally, you could just get baskets like a laundry basket and have each kiddo store their shoes in the basket.  It would keep all the shoes contained to one place and make it easy for the kids to get their shoes put away as soon as they get home!

What To Do With Kids Shoes And How To Organize Them - Shoe CabinetVia IKEA

Now that you have learned shoe organization ideas, how are you going to organize the shoes for the kids and for yourself?

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