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How To Get Rid Of Garage Clutter Forever

Professional organizer shares her tips for how to declutter a garage so you can stop the clutter overwhelm for good!

With spring approaching, I am all ready for spending time outside. But in order to do that, we need to declutter the garage.

Over the years I have done massive organizational projects in our garage to help maintain a clutter free space.

And since we have effective systems in place to keep our garage clutter free, I am sharing my ways for how to get rid of garage clutter forever! 

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Make A Plan

The first step when it comes to decluttering the garage is to make a plan. And not just “I’m going to clean the garage”. You need a real plan for what you want to accomplish. There can be a lot of things hiding in your garage, so if you start with giving yourself specific guidelines to follow then you will likely not get as overwhelmed.

One idea is to tackle one side of the garage first. Maybe you go through the gardening tools only. Or you work through all the things that are on the ground first. Then move to shelves.

Whatever the plan is, write it down and stick to it! It will reduce the overwhelm..

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Declutter Garage

Another way to reduce garage clutter is declutter your garage to only the things you actually need. This can be tricky because you feel like you need everything in your garage, but when you start to only keep what you need, you end up freeing a lot of space to use for other things. 

I have more tips for how to do declutter garages below:

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garage pails on pegboard to hold hooks and dog bags

Use Your Space As Best You Can

Now your garage is typically a box shape, right? So how are you supposed to use the space better? Well, start by creating effective systems to get things tidy. If you have no storage, then get shelves and pegboards to help you get organized. If you have built-ins already, then start using that space in a more organized manner.

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Label Everything In The Garage

When it comes to keeping clutter out of the garage, labeling everything is key! It is helpful when you know where everything should go. I labeled our pegboard to make sure everything stayed organized and on the proper hooks. I have labeled all the cabinets and shelves so we know what should go where. 

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By keeping all the clutter out of the garage, we are able to keep our garage tidy. Start by making a plan. Then only keeping what you need. This will help you declutter the garage from things that no longer serve you. Use the space you have by rearranging things to better serve the space. Then label everything! It helps with keeping things organized.

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