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Garage Toy Storage Ideas Kids Can Do

Learn how to create garage toy storage for kids with The Organized Kids. Plus I share other organizing tips to keep toys organized.

Whenever we store toys in the garage, I want to make it easy for them to put away. This helps with keeping the garage organized. In this Organized Kids video, Adleigh is walking you through organizing the garage. And I am sharing garage toy storage ideas the kids can do.

Garage Toy Storage On Shelves

The key to keeping toys organized on garage shelves is to have a system. That system should be something easy that the kids can keep up with. I like having bins for types of toys like chalk on shelves. I label the bins using chalk labels. That way it is easy to write and swap labels if we need to. 

I also love using hanging baskets instead of shelving units to hold toys. These baskets aren’t that deep so they can hold things but you can keep them at the kids’ level.

I have more garage toy storage ideas below:

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Ball Storage Ideas

My kiddos love playing basketball and soccer and baseball outside. But keeping all those balls contained can be tricky. So I have some ideas. The first is to create a ball storage in a cabinet using bungee cords. I have the full tutorial here.

I have also found that using baskets that hang to hold the balls works well. I also really like using free-standing ball organizers. Below are some of my favorite storage ideas.

Bike And Helmet Storage

When it comes to bike storage, there are a few tricks that work well. If you have the space, you can use a bike stand like this. You can also use painters tape to tape off space in your garage for parking the bikes. You can also hang bikes on the wall like in this post. 

For helmets, I love hanging them on hooks near the bikes. This way it allows the kids to keep the helmets off the ground but also easy for them to get to. You can also use big hooks to hold scooters as well.

Professional Organizer shares tips on how to utilize space to create garage bike storage that won't break the bank. Plus ideas for bike supply organization. #garageorganization #bikestorage

Ready to tackle your garage? Get my garage design + organizing plans here. Inside you will find designs to help keep your garage organized with tools for how to maintain the organization. The plans are what I have used for years during in-home client jobs, so I know they work!


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