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Sports Ball Garage Storage Solution

Sports Ball Garage Storage Solution: Using bungee cords and an old cabinet, create a sports ball storage solution to help contain balls.

Now that my little kiddos are all about playing sports, our garage is piling up with the sporting equipment! I need places to store everything so we can actually park our cars inside the garage! Lucky for us, we have cabinets that were left over from the previous owner of our house, placed all over the garage.  I turned one of the cabinets into our very own sports ball garage storage! We have footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, bouncy balls and baseballs. They just weren’t staying in any bin I was putting them in, so I needed to find another solution.

Since we have lots of cabinets in our garage, I decided to turn one of them into an area to store all of the balls.  I removed all of the shelves so I could create one big cabinet to store all of the balls.  We purchased some bungee cords from Home Depot to use as a way to contain the balls in the cabinet.

Drill Holes in Cabinet for ball storage
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After removing the cabinet doors, I had Ben drill holes into the top and bottom of the cabinet.  We decided that three bungees would be plenty to keep the balls in place.

Hooking Bungee To Cabinet for Balls
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Then I put the bungee cords into the holes Ben drilled.

Once all of the bungees were secured, we put all of the sports balls in the cabinet. That’s it!

Ball Storage Garage With Bungee Cords
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Now we have an easy place to store all of the sports balls.  By creating this bungee cord storage solution, we are able to keep all of the sports balls in one place, without having them roll all over the garage.  This makes it really easy to find the balls quickly, so the kids can get out and play! They can also easily grab the balls and put them away, which makes everyone happy!


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