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Dreaming Up A Modern Farmhouse Living Room

Dreaming Up A Modern Farmhouse Living Room Renovation on our kitchen is slowly approaching the final stages!!  I am so incredibly excited to have our kitchen back, and be able to cook meals again.  It’s funny how not cooking for so long makes me miss it! So as the final stages are coming together, my…

Dreaming Up A Modern Farmhouse Living Room

Renovation on our kitchen is slowly approaching the final stages!!  I am so incredibly excited to have our kitchen back, and be able to cook meals again.  It’s funny how not cooking for so long makes me miss it!

So as the final stages are coming together, my attention has turned to our living room.  I love our living room, but since we added a bay window, the space needs a major overhaul.  Mostly because we bought out furniture for a smaller room, and now that we gained space, the furniture just isn’t fitting properly.

I want the space to feel warm and inviting, not awkward and piecemeal.  So I started to envision what I wanted the space to feel like.


Since I love modern and rustic together, and since our kitchen is a modern farmhouse style, I decided to stick with that theme in the living room.  To me, a modern farmhouse style is taking those muted, neutral colors of the current farmhouse trend, and kicking them up a notch (or 20), to create a really bold contrast while keeping with the rustic and inviting atmosphere.  I have always loved this style, with having white furniture and bold wall colors.

The challenge with our living room is that is it also the entry way.  So I need to be strategic when planning out furniture to act as room dividers to create cohesion within that large space.

Living Room

Create A Focal Point

As I am starting to plan out my dream living room, I need to decide the focal point of the room.  Whenever I think of a focal point of the room, I always like to think of it as the leading actor in a movie.  They are the person you want to follow and know their story.  So in your room, you have to find that one spot/wall/piece of furniture in your room that draws attention and keeps you interested in the rest of the room.

Then, the rest of the pieces in your room should act as the supporting actors.  They should highlight your focal point so that it shines because those pieces bring out the best in that focal point.

In our old living room, we had a gallery wall that was painted a deep grey with black and white pictures that hung on the wall.  I loved that wall because it was such a statement when you walked into the house.  Since we extended the wall, it needs to be repainted.  So I am thinking of changing up the focal point in the room.

I am thinking of adding beadboard to the bottom portion of the walls.  Going bold, I think we might go with Benjamin Moore’s color of the year: Shadow, to the top half of the walls.  I am thinking of going with Benjamin Moore Chalk White for the beadboard.  Chalk White is an lighter-white color that looks really sophisticated and will make the top  walls pop!  Plus, it will add as a neutral canvas for pops of color throughout the entire room.

Then, I might paint the brick on the fireplace to create a focal point in the room.  I would paint the brick white, similar to what I did in the basement.  I would change up the mantel for a piece of distressed wood to add some visual interest to the fireplace.

Plan For Big Pieces First

Now that I have an idea for my focal point in the room, I like to plan for my big furniture pieces first.  And by big furniture, I mean seating.  Sectionals, love seats, and/or chairs.

Since the room is rather long, more rectangular, I don’t think a sectional is going to be the best seating for the space.  We have a brown leather couch that could act as a divider for the entry way and the living area.  This would allow ample walking space and create an inviting flow throughout the room.  But, if I were able to use a sectional, I think I would go with the sectional section over at Arhaus.  I just love how farmhouse-y and cozy it looks.  Plus, the color is amazing!  It’s the perfect neutral.

I also want a giant ottoman that can also act as a coffee table.  With two young kids, I think it is so much easier having soft pieces of furniture throughout the home.  You know, just in case they decide to jump/run/crash into it!

Chair Pillow End Table

Focus On Neutrals

I try to buy my big pieces of furniture in neutral colors.  Since these pieces are the most expensive, I plan to keep them for a while!  And, since I love to redecorate rooms so frequently, it is best for me to stick with neutral furniture and change up the decor by moving the furniture and adding color with my accessories, like pillows, end tables, rugs, and paint colors.

Add Color With Accessories

Since the furniture is a neutral color, I can go crazy with incorporating color from pillows, rugs, and end tables.  I can also add color with some of the trinkets I add such as vases, books, picture frames and artwork.

There are so many ways to add tons of color to a room that don’t overpower the space.  For me, I like having one main focal piece with a bold color choice.  I will find other bold colors that compliment that color.  Then, I’ll play with neutrals to add balance to the space.

I always want to make my home feel warm and cozy, so I love picking colors that feel cozy.

Play With Pattern And Texture

Finally, I love playing with patterns and different textures.  It might seem overwhelming at first, so I always suggest to start with pillows.  Test out different patterned pillows together on a neutral couch.  Once you get comfortable with the pillows, you can move to playing around with rugs.

Ottoman Tray and Flowers

Now that I have totally rambled on about my entire thought process, I am sure you are interested in what I am actually thinking as far as inspiration for the room!  Here’s some of my favorites.  Some pieces we have, while others we are going to be purchasing.  The leather couch, rug, and ladder shelving we having around the house!

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Inspiration

modern-farmhouse-inspiration-board1. Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore Shadow, Dark Burgundy, and Chalk White

2. Couch: Similar to Ours

3. Cozy Chairs: Arhaus Baldwin Slipcover in Deso Dove

4. End Tables: Joss And Main Miller End Table and Nadine End Table and repainting my DIY end table

5. Ottoman: Arhaus Club Tufted Ottoman in Wheatfield Lagoon

6. Table Lamp: Wayfair Timaois Lamp with Bell Shade

7. Beadboard: Home Depot House Of Fara Waiscoting

8. Pillows: Caitlin Wilson English Garden and Navy Deco Pillows

9. Floor Plant

10. Shelving: Pottery Barn Studio Wall Shelf

11. Rug: Wayfair Kalora Maroq Black/White Area Rug

Not pictured: Chunky Knit Throw




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