I’ve had a lot of clients recently ask for office supply organization ideas when you don’t have an abundance of drawer space.

My advice is to use wall space for storage, along with utilizing cabinets! There are tons of options out there that can give you a drawer for your cabinets, so I am sharing my favorite ones to help organize your office supplies!

office supply organization ideas in tilt bins

Creative Office Supply Organization Ideas For Cabinets Or Walls

Interlocking Tilt Bins

These stackable interlocking tilt bins from Deflecto are perfect for holding paper clips, tape, ribbon, and more! Use the mounting wall bar to hang each interlocking bin from the wall, or stack them up to store in your cabinet. They will make the perfect office supply organization!

keep ribbons and other office supplies organized with tilt bins.

Magazine Holders

I love using magazine holders for many things, but office supply organization is usually the first one that comes to mind. Store papers, envelopes, stationary, and bills in the holders so you can easily find what you need and not have items get lost in the cabinets.

how to organize office

Stackable Drawers

Using stackable drawers that can fit in the cabinets is another easy way to organize your office supplies. I would start with measuring how deep the cabinets are. Then find drawers that will fit with the cabinet drawers closed.

These two drawer cubes from Deflecto are perfect for those narrow cabinets. They are perfect for pens, Sharpies, highlighters, clips, and any other item you might store in a drawer!


I have used the canister carousel organizer for holding hair ties and beads, but it makes a great option for office supplies! These canisters can hold different office supplies, and still fit within a cabinet located in your office. I love that these canisters have lids to keep everything contained!

When it comes to creating an organized office with limited drawers, sometimes you have to think outside the box! Use wall space and cabinets to store items. Make sure you label the items in the bins.