color coordinated closet in an L shape with tops on the top hanging rack and pants on the bottom and dresses on the other side of the L in covered bags
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20 Ways Of Organizing Clothing In Closets

When you can't find anything to wear, it is most likely because you have too much visual distraction. These 20 ways of organizing clothing in your closet will help you take back your closet space!

When you feel like you have nothing to wear, it may be that you have too many clothes in your closet. Or maybe you have to many things out of order in your closet, causing you to feel visually distracted by all the things. Visual distraction can be clothing just thrown in the closet or mismatching hangers or piles of clothing on the floor. There are many ways your eyes can scan your closet so you can see what you have to wear, but when there are too many things to look at, your brain cannot focus.

Setting up a closet doesn’t have to be challenging or time-consuming. You just need a plan of attack. These 20 ways of organizing clothing in closets will help you decide how you want to set up your closet, tips for decluttering, and questions to ask yourself as you create the closet of your dreams.

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Declutter Closet

I found that when you are looking at your closet space, you have to start by decluttering. And when I say decluttering, I mean removing anything that isn’t working for you. These are pieces of clothing that you don’t wear, don’t fit into, and don’t love anymore.

Do a quick scan of the closet to see if you can easily pull those pieces out. Then keep a bag in your closet for any piece of clothing you find you don’t love anymore. Just toss it into that bag. When the bag gets full, donate or resell those items! Then you can declutter as you, instead of doing a giant declutter every time your closet gets full.

I have more tips for how to declutter a closet below:

How To Declutter A Closet

Closet Clean-Out

How To Declutter All Your Shoes


Creating A Minimalist Closet

One thing you may want to consider is to create a minimalist closet. A minimalist closet is another way of saying a capsule wardrobe. This means that you have a limited number of timeless pieces that can go with each other. Typically, you keep your clothing to neutrals. And then you add color with your purses, shoes, and accessories.

A minimalist or capsule wardrobe helps limit the extra items that can pile up in your closet. And clothing pieces that only work with one other piece of clothing. An example of that may be a jacket you have only works with one pair of pants and a top because of the colors and patterns. This will limit how often you wear that jacket.

Instead, try creating a wardrobe that works with almost every piece of clothing you have. I have some tips below that will help you create this type of wardrobe.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Creating A Minimalist Closet

Easy Ways To Create A Capsule Wardrobe

color coordinated closet in an L shape with tops on the top hanging rack and pants on the bottom and dresses on the other side of the L in covered bags

Color-Coordinating Your Closet

One thing I suggest doing is color-coordinating your closet. This way of organizing helps limit visual clutter. And visual clutter can easily take away from you finding something to wear. You get distracted by all the options and your eyes and mind cannot focus on one thing when things are out of order.

There are a few ways to color-coordinate a closet. You can group all your clothing by color. Or you can group specific types of clothing by color. Maybe your work attire is grouped together in color order. Or maybe you keep all your sweaters in color order. 

There are many options for color-coordinating your closet, so I shared them all in the article below: 

The Most Effective Way To Get A Color Coordinated Closet

closet with shoes on shelves and dressed color coordinated

Organizing Closet Without Spending Any Money

One thing I hear from in-home clients is that they feel they need to invest all sorts of money into their closet in order to keep it organized. But I have to say that you really don’t have to do that. You can organize your closet without spending any money. Just follow the tricks in the posts below to see how. 

How To Organize Your Closet Without Spending Anything

Can You Really Organize A Closet Without Buying Anything?

Organized closet to demonstrate "After" #closetorganization

Designing A Closet Of Your Dreams

Another thing I hear from in-home clients is that they feel they need to design a closet in order to be organized. But custom closets can cost a lot of money. And not everyone wants to invest in a custom closet.

So how can you create a closet that will support you in being organized but not break the bank?

There are so many ways! I always suggest start with what you have. And if you want to add more, then find a closet system that fits your budget. I love Elfa Decor from The Container Store, and IKEA closets. Home Depot and Lowes also have awesome closet systems that you can install yourself. 

You can read my tips for how to design a dream closet on a budget, transform what you currently have into a custom closet, and ways to install closets below.

Dream Closet On A Budget

How To Recreate A Closet On A Budget

How To Transform Your Built-In Closets To Custom Closets On A Budget

The Best Ways To DIY Closet Organizer

How To Install Elfa Closets

recreate it dream closet with the container store

Closet Organizing Hacks

One thing I always love to do is share my organizing hacks. I have some for you below. My favorites are the hanger trick to remember what clothing you wear. And the Closet Clean-Out workbook!

The Hanger Trick For Your Closet

The Closet Clean-Out :: Step By Step Guide For Organizing Your Clothes


Organizing Tips

When organizing clothing in closets, you want a plan. You want specific ways in which you can set up your clothing so you can find what you want to wear. 

Instead of piling all the clothing into you closet, you need to set up the clothing in an order that works with how you want to get dressed in the morning. Stop focusing on what you see online. And start focusing on what works for you.

Do you like all your work clothes together in your closet? Then hang them together.

Do you like all your clothing arranged by type of clothing, like all t-shirts together? Then hang them all together. 

There is no right or wrong way to organize your clothing in your closet. There are ways that don’t help you stay organized, but that doesn’t mean they won’t work for someone else. So try some of the tips below and see which ones sound like something you can try. Then make it happen in your closet!

6 Steps To Get Your Clothing Organized

10 Tips To Organizing A Closet

Closet Organizing Tips

Organizing Closets With Clothing Expert

closet organized by color with shirts on top and pants on bottom

Bonus Tip

Now some closets have drawers, so I wanted to share this bonus tip on my favorite folding tips. You can read all my Space Saving Folding Tips here!

Organizing Clothing In Closets

There are so many ways to organize clothing in your closets. So how do you decide which ways will work for you?

Start by decluttering your entire closet. Use the tips I shared above to only keep what items of clothing you actually wear.

Then decide how you want your closet to be set up. What works for you and what doesn’t work is what you need to focus on.

If you notice you always have too many clothing, try creating a minimalist wardrobe. Maybe you want to try color-coordinating your clothing. 

Design a closet system that will work for you, your space, and your budget.

Then organize your closet so you can find things you need, when you need them. 

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