Desk with box of papers, tape, and pens to represent organizing for school #kidsorganizing
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Organizing for School: Why It’s Important For Kids

School organization is so important for your kids' success now and in the future. I'm sharing easy ways to get your kids organized while you are home.

Organizing for school is so important for your kids’ success now and in the future. Right now, we’re all homeschooling because schools are closed! You might be craving some structure and organization, and the good news is that it’s the perfect time to get your kids organized.

I’m sharing easy ways to get your kids organized while you are home, and how the benefits of these will last long after your kids go back to school. I break down why it’s so important to create order and organization at a young age and how you can do that.

Side note: A lot of people cringe when I talk about structure, but I promise: you’re not taking away creativity by giving them structure. You’re actually giving their brains safety so they don’t have to wonder. You’re freeing up their mind to be creative.

Desk with box of papers, tape, and pens to represent organizing for school #kidsorganizing

Organizing for School: Why It’s So Important For Your Kids

  • Break days down into small chunks.

Think about their school day. Your kids have snack times, recess, time for math, time for reading, and time for special classes. They’re shifting frequently, and that keeps them engaged and stops them (and you) from getting overwhelmed.

  • Give kids visual supports.

This is especially helpful for younger kids. Checklists, picture labels, picture schedules or routines help them create structure and routines that will last them their whole lives.

  • Set up daily routines to help with organizing for school.

We’re lucky that our school has given us some expectations, but this is helpful even if you don’t have someone from the outside setting expectations. 

  • Color code their lessons.

Color coding helps kids take charge of their time management and set up their days. When I was a teacher, I had my students color code based on the subject. Every paper, notebook, and pen color in their planner matched for each subject. For example, math is blue and writing is yellow. I get previous students reaching out to tell me they still operate this way.

  • Make a plan.

Plans keep my mind at ease, even if we don’t end up following it at all. It just helps to have a guide. The key is to set realistic expectations and be flexible. For me, I pick two things I want to get done on any given day. This also helps keep me sane because I’m being realistic.

  • Keep all of their school stuff together.

Put everything they might need in one spot–pens, crayons, notebooks, and calculators… We’re using a magazine holder, but you could also use a basket or a box. This is huge because my kids know where everything is, and they know where everything gets put away when they’re done. It’s kind of like having a desk and imitates the same organizing for school.

Why Organizing and School Is Important for Your Kids


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  1. Thanks Jessica for such an informative article. I am a mother of 2 boys and since the schools are closed nowadays. I am their teacher and my husband is also helping me in this regard. Your last point is the point we were missing. I am definitely going to keep their school stuff altogether from now on. I am also using some small animated videos to keep them busy rather than wasting their time.

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