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Skills to Help Kids Get Organized

In this post, I'm talking about skills to get kids organized. We're figuring out how to learn from home. How can you get organized and have the kids help?

In this post, I’m sharing skills to help get kids organized. You have asked a lot of questions about this, especially in my Facebook group. We all feel overwhelmed and stuck in a schedule that isn’t working right now. We’re trying to come to terms with this new normal of learning from home. How can you get organized and have the kids help?

So I put together a list of tips and tricks. I hope you’ll find them useful!

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Skills to Help Kids Get Organized

  • #1 Pick your top three tasks for the day.

Have your kids pick their top three lessons or activities for the day. The other morning, my daughter rattled off a list of 12 things she was going to do. I asked her if she was really going to do all those things. Of course, no. I helped her narrow it down to three things. (I do this to stay organized too.)

  • #2 Use checklists, flowcharts, and picture schedules.

My daughter really likes checklists. My son likes ordered to-do lists. When our kids were younger, they used picture schedules. Kids start to recognize routines and structures from school when they use picture schedules. If you’re part of my newsletter, you have access to the printables library. If you’re not on the list yet, join below!

  • #3 Help kids get organized by defining areas for specific activities.

This helps kids focus their minds on the task at hand. Because you use your house for 2 million different things right now, your kids need to understand which space is for which activity. Here’s what that looks like for us:

Gym – basement
Schoolwork – office
Eating – kitchen
Play – playroom
Sleep – bedroom

  • #4 Give supports.

Give kids visual and physical supports to help them do hard things. I love visual timer (this one and this one are great). When our kids need to do something hard, we let them chew some gum. Mirroring is great for older elementary school kids. When they’re doing work, you do work too. Let them see how you work. Maybe you play calming music, put your headphones in, and don’t play on your phone.

  • #5 Get the Organized Kids Academy.

If your kids still need help getting organized, the Organized Kids Academy is a great resource. I’m offering a free mini-course and a full course for just $25. My kids teach your kids how to get organized.

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