organizing stuffed animals with adleigh and her hamper full of stuffed animals
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Easy Ways of Organizing Stuffed Animals

The easiest ways for organizing stuffed animals are shared along with a video of a 7 year old sharing her tips for keeping them organize.

How many stuffed animals do you have in your home? It may be possible that you have too many!

When I was younger, I loved stuffed animals. They were my favorite thing to play with. So I know how much kids love them.

But sometimes you have to find effective ways to keep those stuffed animals contained.

Adleigh is sharing the easiest way for organizing stuffed animals and how we keep them tidy. Plus I have more stuffed animal organizing tips for you below!

Organizing Stuffed Animals

The easiest way to organize stuffed animals is to keep them all organized in one spot.

For Adleigh, we keep all her stuffed animals in a large laundry hamper in her room. Her larger stuffed animals go on her bed or her chair. Eli has a large bin with his stuffed animals. 

By keeping all the stuffed animals in one place, you are able to declutter them frequently so the collection doesn’t take over your home!

organizing stuffed animals with adleigh and her hamper full of stuffed animals

Keep It Simple

One thing I have noticed is that keeping the organizing simple, you are able to have the kids keep up with it.

One client bought a “zoo” to store the stuffed animals. The problem was that they kids couldn’t get out their favorite stuffed animals, so they stopped using the “zoo” to store the rest of their stuffed animals.

The reason why was because it wasn’t simple for them to pull out the stuffed animals they wanted when they wanted them. 

Declutter First

To combat the stuffed animal piles, start by decluttering the stuffed animals the kids don’t play with first. That means having the kids go through the stuffed animals and pulling out ones they are ready to donate.

Then you can find a bin or hamper to store the rest. Use something that is large and allow the kids to fill it up.

Anything that doesn’t fit in that designated bin or hamper has to go. This visual helps them realize how many things they actually have!I have more organizing tips below:

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how to organize stuffed animals piles

My Favorite Products for Organizing Stuffed Animals

There are a lot of products out there that claim to keep the stuffed animals organized. But I found a few that truly work because they are simply, easy, and store a lot of stuffed animals!

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